Green Ideas Turn New York City into Efficient Urban Farming Area

green ideas and sustainable design

Green ideas that turn New York City into an urban farming area


Green ideas for turning New York City into a large farming area are an innovative response to the growth of global urban population. Terreform, Inc. has come up with a creative way for New York City to deal with the issues that arise from this world wide problem.

The plan is called New York City Steady State (NYCSS), and designed to make New York the entirely self-sufficient area, dramatically reducing its ecological impact and carbon footprint. The new green ideas are based on data analysis of the city’s food, water and energy supply and demand, and would create an efficient urban farming area.

These green ideas are focusing on the eco friendly products and green building technology, efficient food, water and energy production and usage, sustainable designs, as well as providing high quality air and pleasant climate conditions for specific areas of New York City.

Wind powered lighting ideas, The Hope Of Breeze, green backyard ideas

LED light bulbs from LED LEDO Technologie, green technology and eco friendly products

Green building technology and sustainable design ideas

Green ideas and sustainable design for urban green living

Environmental projects and creative green ideas are popular in Europe and Asia. They change house eaterior design, bringing more plants into cities landscapes. North America was lacking leaders in the field of eco friendly products and green ideas that could create a new reality and improve green living conditions.

Now US started a transition to green building, sustainable design and improving conditions for humane world community. Local architectural firms and talented professionals in all disciplines need to rethink outdated urban infrastructure and offer a new way of green living, changing the house exterior design, using green technology and sustainable design ideas.

Green ideas that turn New York City into an urban farming area

The city would be divided up into few centers, focusing on urban farming, green building and open spaces. Food growing cells , vertical farms, meat production towers, and neighborhood hubs are parts of the innovative plan for green living in a large city.

Sustainable design for growing furniture, chair farm by Studio Aisslinger

Cardboard furniture collection Prejudice, green ideas for recycling paper

Green ideas include using the plentiful empty rooftops spaces on the buildings across the city and adding plants to house exterior design, as well as the building new 30-storey farms, living walls and street level farms in public places.

Urban farming and green living ideas for large cities, sustainable architecture and green technology of the future

The new plan for sustainable green living would not disrupt the current urban flow, but only infuse edible greenery into the concrete landscape of the large city, creating pleasant atmosphere and offering an efficient eco friendly designs f0r comfortable green living.

4 water saving eco friendly products for kitchen and bathroom, green design ideas

Pendant light fixtures made of corrugated paper, contemporary lighting design

Green technology and sustainable design ideas for contemporary green living

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