Glass Top Table Layer, Italian Furniture Design Ideas

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Italian furniture design ideas are impressive and creative. Minimalist furniture design style allows experimenting with new form and color combinations, making new glass top table designs look attractive and simple, elegant and contemporary. The simplicity of Table Layer and neutral white cream, light and dark brown colors, spiced up with trendy golden yellow tone, look interesting, comfortable and stylish.

The simpler the better modern furniture design principle, combined with a bright yellow, orange or red color accent, are contemporary Italian furniture design ideas that work well for glass top tables, designed for Galotti & Radice. Mushroom like, with unusually layered bases, glass top tables from Luca Nichetto allow to transform interior design, creating different dining and coffee tables in various shapes and colors, and adjusting their height.

Layers are modern design trends, which offer a quick way for transforming home furnishings and adding fresh accents to room decorating. Glass top tables are examples of flexible and modern furniture design ideas that are practical and space saving. Modern furniture items give a chance to use a coffee table as a dining room table, which is great for small spaces. (Transformers,  modern furniture design ideas for small spaces)

Italian furniture design

The table design ideas are interesting and bright. Building coffee tables of different heights through the repetition of a single block is what creates layers that add striking appearance and charm to modern furniture design from Italy.

A coffee table or a dining room table, composed of a glass tabletop and a base, made by stacking a variable number of wooden rings, look gorgeous and novel. The wooden base, made of a number of rings, allows to transform the coffee table or dining room table designs, changing the height, dimensions and colors.

Whether one or two columns are used for modern tables and depending on how many rings are stacked to create unique furniture items, coffee tables or dining room tables bring contemporary flavor and creative Italian furniture design ideas into modern homes.

Glass top Table Layer

A single color, monochromatic color combinations or bright colored layers of rings for the glass top tables base help create neutral and elegant or exiting and dynamic modern furniture design for living room or dining room with colorful stripes.

Wooden rings for the glass top tables are made of natural wood, chestnut and ash, and decorated with lacquer and paint, which enhance the beauty of modern furniture design from Italian designer Luca Nichetto, and allows to select decorating color combinations to match existing room colors and interior design.

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