Geometric Design Ideas, Origami Inspired Interior Trends

modern lighting fixtures
Unique lighting design idea, dining room decorating with an origami chandelier



Geometric furnishings, lighting fixtures, and wall decorations, inspired by origami art, bring the beauty of geometry and timeless elegance into modern interiors. Fabulous folds and angles turn ordinary room decorating ideas into stylish and add unique accents to the living spaces. Angled edges look fabulous in contemporary rooms and traditional homes, bringing distinct interior trends that are original and spectacular.

The Lushome collection of geometric room furniture, lighting fixtures, bathroom sinks, beautiful wallpaper, and ceiling designs demonstrates the geometric interior trends inspired by origami art. Home furnishings and architectural designs make gorgeous accents creating unusual and impressive living spaces.

Wood textiles, origami designs, geometric interior trends

Folding chairs, modern furniture design ideas

Origami-inspired modern chairs, unique interior trends

Geometric interior trends

Geometric interior trends, bathroom sinks

Origami-inspired interior design ideas

The ancient Japanese art of paper folding provides excellent inspiration for modern designers and architects. Origami art influences architectural designs and helps create beautiful, unique furniture and lighting fixtures. Folds formed by precise, soft edges and geometric shapes turn into marvelous, original interior design ideas.

Unique lighting ideas blending recycling paper and origami art

Plastic recycling for modern lighting fixtures

Expandable planters, origami-inspired decor accessories

Bookshelves, tables, chairs, side tables, bathroom sinks, and decorative accessories in the geometric style inspired by origami designs are beautiful in all shades. Wood, metal, paper, ceramics are perfect materials for showing off attractive angles and complex structures.

Glass-metal staircase design, geometric architectural designs

Also, modern wallpaper patterns, staircases, and ceiling designs, inspired by origami art can brighten up and add the original style to contemporary home decorating ideas. Origami room dividers and decorative wall panels are excellent ideas for bringing originality into modern interior design.

Origami-inspired interior trends, geometric wall panels, modern furniture, lighting ideas

Origami ceiling designs

Geometric interior trends in bedroom designs, origami ceiling design with lights
Original wood ceiling design with contemporary lights

Modern lighting fixtures

Metal lighting fixtures, origami interior trends
Unique lighting design, origami birds
Dining room decorating with origami pendant lighting
Unique lighting design idea, dining room decorating with an origami chandelier

Modern furniture

Origami furniture design ideas
Metal furniture, colorful chairs, geometric design trends

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