Futuristic Modern Chairs from Italy, Contemporary Furniture Design in Avant Garde Style

modern chairs, contemporary furniture design in avant garde style

Leather chairs, contemporary furniture design in Avant-Garde style


These futuristic modern chairs look impressive and unique. Creative design, beautiful materials and innovative approach design fabulous contemporary furniture pieces for modern interiors. Lushome brings two amazing, comfortable and impressive modern chairs from MastElements.

The Type C is added to the modern chairs with leather seats in tribute to the racing car. Designed by Ciro Bergonzi, these beautiful contemporary furniture pieces look dynamic, featuring flowing curves and luxurious materials.

Its polished steel base makes the cushioned leather seat look floating on air. Futuristic and comfortable, these modern chairs make a statement, adding stunning centerpieces to interior decorating. Chic and comfort, contemporary materials and innovative shapes design original and modern chairs.

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Modern chairs with futuristic vibe

Leather chairs, contemporary furniture design in Avant-Garde style

Italian furniture in Avant Garde Style is elegant. The modern chairs are a fantastic blend of soft lines with futuristic vibe and chic materials. MastElements, www.mastelements.com/ is the first company in the world to produce contemporary furniture entirely out of carbon fiber.

Manta chairs are futuristic furniture pieces that make wonderful decorations for modern interiors. Carbon fiber and spectacular shape design this innovative furniture for contemporary interior decorating.

Modern chairs in black, contemporary furniture made with carbon fiber

The chair looks creative and unusual, blending brilliant and smart design ideas with new materials into modern chairs.  Carbon fiber materials allow to design light and strong contemporary furniture with exciting lines and bold structure.

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Contemporary furniture design, black chair

Purple leather seat, modern chairs in futuristic style

Modern chairs with leather seats, contemporary interior decorating

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  last updated: 14.02.2016