Fresh Room Colors and Ideas for Spring Decorating in Vintage Style

vintage furniture, hand painting ideas and upholstery fabrics in bright colors


Fresh room colors can transform home decor, adding fun and wonderful vibe to spring decorating. Lushome shares ten gorgeous, inspiring and bright room colors and furniture decoration ideas from French designers that can be used for modern interior decorating in vintage style. Upholstered furniture and painted wood furniture pieces, textiles and small accessories are a great way to bring more trendy color into spring decorating.

Moissonnier, a French furniture design company, developed beautiful decoration patterns, fabric prints, interior decorating themes and spring colors that can turn room furniture and accessories into gorgeous and stylish items which make a fresh statement, and add beauty into spring and summer interiors in vintage style.

Palm Beach Vintage, Downtown Abbey and Blue Morning decor themes show pleasant pastels and bright color shades, classic floral designs and nature inspired images that beautify room furniture surfaces and upholstery fabrics, adding charm, color and comfort to spring decorating.

Modern interior design enriched with vintage furniture

30 spring decorating ideas blending classic techniques and modern trends

Fresh room colors for classy spring decorating

Fresh spring decorating colors

Designers developed wonderful color schemes for spring decorating, playing on the contrasts between traditional and modern interior design trends. The Palm Beach Vintage interior decorating theme is inspired by glamorous and relaxed Florida in 60s, and looks especially spectacular and colorful.

Classic collection of living room furniture includes chests of drawers on curved legs, decorated with hand-painted bright pink flamingos. The designers inspire to blend creativity with classic European furniture decoration techniques and personalize living room decorating by adding character to home furnishings.

Bright room colors and vintage furniture for modern living room decorating

Turquoise blue and light blue color tones, bright and sunny yellow color shades and rich orange or pink colors, pastel green and purple color shades can be beautifully combined with elegant gray color tones and black-n-white decorating ideas.

Breezy interior design with vintage furniture and white decorating in Scandinavian style

Modern interior design with vintage furniture

Exotic birds, plants, flowers, green leaves and fruits, all other tropical interior decorating themes are great spring decorating ideas for creating bright and modern interiors. Vintage furniture and retro styles of 50s and 60s compliment bright spring colors and help design festive, playful and modern interior decorating in spring and summer.

Hand painting ideas and bright modern color schemes for vintage furniture decoration

The Downtown Abbey decor theme is nostalgic and elegant, blending eclectic vibe of the 19th centuary classic interiors with traditional English style. The fusion of styles is inspiring and offers great opportunities for experimenting with classic and modern room colors, vintage furniture and traditional home furnishings, while personalizing spring decorating.

Green table centerpiece ideas for spring decorating

Spring decorating, neutral color for interior paint and bright decor

Luxurious textures and muted blue or purple colors, pleasant green colors and elegant light gray color tones look chic with golden details and carved wood ornaments on vintage furniture. The Blue Morning decorating theme inspired to add exotic details to spring decorating and enhance modern interior design with adventurous and romantic feel.

Bright spring decorating colors, turquoise green colors and orange color shades

The collections provide great inspirations for redesign and spring decorating. Their fabric prints and hand painting ideas allow to find the best ways to transform old furniture and bring fresh room colors into spring decorating, create unique room furniture and accessories that will brighten up modern interiors in spring and summer.

Bright room colors, upholstered furniture fabrics for spring decorating in vintage style

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