Modern Interior Design with Vintage Furniture and Decor Accessories in Vintage Style

modern home furnishings and room decorating in vintage style



Vintage furniture and decor accessories are one of popular latest trends in decorating. Architectural elements in vintage style create romantic, luxurious and modern interior design which can be enhanced with vintage furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures. A combination of vintage and modern items looks interesting, creative and stylish. Lushome shares modern interior design ideas that attractively blend vintage furniture, decor accessories and lighting into bright contemporary home interiors.

Old and modern ideas are mixed to enrich interior design and add charming, nostalgic and sentimental feel to room decorating with precious antiques and contemporary home furnishings. Vintage style allows lots of different items that make modern interior design look exclusive, warm and super comfortable. Vintage style offers endless possibilities to create rich and very personal combinations of vintage furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures in classic and retro styles with existing modern home furnishings, blending various vintage styles and giving strong character to modern interior design.

It is stylish to combine vintage furniture, decor accessories and lamps in vintage style with classic architectural elements and interior design ideas. It is interesting to create eclectic interior design with vintage furniture and decor accessories or spruce up modern interior design with lighting fixtures in vintage style. Carved wood and patina, soft curvy lines and splendor of large chandeliers make modern interior design look striking, impressive and beautiful.

Retro kitchen design, retro stoves for modern kitchens in vintage style

Vintage furniture and decor accessories

Modern kitchen design with vintage furniture and contemporary lighting

Designer create wonderful new furniture and decor accessories which reflect the style of a particular period and add chic to functional home furnishings, ideal for warm, welcoming and attractive interior design. Vintage style is a nice way to create a personal room decorating that is cozy and pleasant, functional and modern.

Modern interiors in vintage style feel harmonious, very comfortable and spectacular. Modern interior design and room decorating with vintage furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures in vintage style bring chic and pleasant exclusiveness into life. Antiques are especially presious and impressive pieces that give more meaning and value to room decorating.

Modern interior design with architectural elements in vintage style, wood door and vintage furniture

Modern technologies allow to design unique furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures that look antique. Charming rust and signs of wear, agedĀ  green patina on bronze, chipped stone, tiny scratches on glass, cracks and traces of bugs on wood make home furnishings and decorations look unique, glamorous and precious, adding more appeal to modern interior design.

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Modern furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures in vintage style are no substitutes for true antiques that have a long history, but these home furnishings heal create the desired atmosphere of comfort and luxury and add a romantic mood to room decorating. Adding a real antique or vintage item only increases the effect. Grandma’s photographs and antique chests, vintage furniture or candelabras, all unique and expensive items can bring more history and charm of vintage style into modern interior design and room decorating.

Modern home furnishings in vintage style, wooden cabinet with details in golden color, table lamps and wall artworks

Vintage furniture, like wooden dressers with lots of drawers, chests, dining tables for a large family, racks and chairs, are fabulous home furnishings for modern interior design that blends vintage style into eclectic room decorating. A combination of natural materials, like wrought iron, brass, wood, ceramics, line and stone enhance interior design in vintage style and look beautiful with pleasant, pale or rich room colors and expressive textures.

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Interior decorating, home furnishings and paint colors, vintage wine hues

Dark brown colors of wood, natural, bright or neutral colors, rich red, blue and green colors, elegant silver and golden colors can be combined with muted tones for classy and elegant modern interior design and room decorating vintage style.

Striped vintage furniture piece for classic interior design
Modern interior design with vintage furniture and rustic wood accents, living room design in light neutral colors
Natural decorating fabrics and floral designs, vintage furniture and decor accessories

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