Felted Pet Beds and Caves for Cats Offering Modern Accessories for Eco Decorating

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creative craft ideas for making pet beds
Beautiful cat beds made of felt, creative craft ideas for making pet beds


Pet beds made of eco friendly felt fabrics or handmade wool felt are stylish, comfortable and unique. Felted pet beds and cat caves feel cozy, safe, warm and comfortable. Beautiful hand crafted designs bring unique decorative accents into modern interiors and help decorating homes with cats in elegant and eco friendly style.

Made of felt or other natural and eco friendly decorative fabrics, cat caves look modern and attractive. Felted pet beds are warm and inviting. Handmade pet beds created with decorative fabrics feel very special and offer a versatile designs that can easily match any interior decorating style or room colors.

Cats love to have their own private spaces for sleeping and hiding. Cats love caves that provide them warm, cozy and safe places to rest. Cast and dogs like the smell of wool and will go inside wool felted caves, which feel natural and pet-friendly.

Pet beds made of felt or other natural and eco friendly fabrics

Beautiful cat beds made of felt, creative craft ideas for making pet beds

Decorative fabrics, eco friendly felt and handmade wool felt are excellent materials for creating unique, original and comfortable pet beds wile adding beautiful texture, color and decoration patterns to home interiors.

Made of natural and eco friendly decorative fabrics, soft and warm caves and pets beds are cleanable, and can be keep fresh and attractive with the vacuum cleaner.

Felted pet beds, colorful handmade caves fr cats

Fabric pet beds are washable also. Handmade felt caves can be washed in warm water, with special cleansers for wool.

Modern cat furniture design for function and attraction

Pet grooming designs for modern cats and dogs

Pet beds for cats

Cats sleep where ever they feel comfortable, safe and warm. They can sleep in strangest places, like closets and bags. Sometimes it is hard find cats because they love to hide and enjoy personal spaces.

Cat sleeping on hangers in closet
Sleeping cat

Natural materials, especially wool and handmade wool felt, are great for making cat houses, caves, condos and cat beds. Every cat has personality, so watching your cat helps to select the best pet beds designs for your home.

Modern cat houses, furniture design ideas for small pets

Modern cat furniture design ideas, wall-mounted and heated cat beds

Handmade caves made of decorative fabrics can be a great option for your home decorating. Cave designs and round cat beds feel soft and warm, perfect for these pets. Caves created with felt fabrics are ideal for cats and for modern interior decorating. The smell of wool, soft texture, stylish design ideas and natural material create wonderful pet beds for cats and bring a natural feel into interior decorating.

Cat cave with embroidered flowers

Handmade of wool felt pet beds are adorable and very decorative. Cozy and soft, these gorgeous felted cat caves are pet-friendly and add beautiful green accessories to your interior decorating.

Handmade felted wool pet beds, comfortable and eco friendly cat beds and caves

Cat tree design ideas, simple DIY cat furniture

Available from etsy.com or handmade cat caves and pet beds for cats are modern ideas that add interesting shapes, cool accents, pleasant  color combinations, fantastic texture and cool accents to your interior design.

Felted cat beds with applique
Cat-shaped handmade bed for cats
Felted pet beds in red color (www.etsy.com)

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