Empty Picture Frames, Framing Objects, Bold Wall Decor Ideas

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Empty old picture frames are simple wall decor ideas that add stylish items to empty walls, shelves and tables decoration. Framing turns simple objects into framed art offering attractive and modern wall decoration ideas that create bold statements. All small objects, including small modern or vintage frames, look more interesting inside larger picture frames on empty walls and can be used for unusual and stylish wall decoration ideas.

Empty vintage frames that clutter your home are perfect room decorating items for creating a collage with picture frames in various style and frame sizes, and experiment with colorful wall decoration ideas. Well arranged combinations of several antique picture frames with one larger antique frame looks dramatic on empty walls, offering chic wall decoration ideas for modern home interiors.

Arranging the smaller vintage, antique or modern cheap wooden frames inside the larger antique frame make your  wall decoration in fusion style become a stylish focal point of your room decorating. To keep the idea of the collage working, hang your antique frame and cheap frames in a way that makes them look scattered, but still organized within the antique frame.

Picture frames and modern wall decoration ideas

Decorating with old picture frames, money saving wall decoration ideas

Empty picture frames, stylish wall decoration ideas

Wall decor ideas, decorating with frames for exceptional look

1. Framed art is great ideas for bringing frames and beautiful artwork theme into your room decorating. Use  children or grandchildren drawings, creating a unique collection of framed pictures that is always worth of display. Kids framed art collection can be easily and regularly changed to add fresh wall decor ideas and creating new themes for beautiful room decorating.

Framed antiques, crafts and any modern or old small objects,  pieces of jewelry, antique picture frames, doilies, baby clothing, wooden crafts, keys, old album covers, gloves, decorative plates, small vintage frames, pipes, pieces of beautiful wallpapers, hats, spoons and even broken objects, give just few ideas of things that can be frames and showed off on empty walls.

Framed flowers and plants leaves, pine cones and small tree branches  in modern or vintage frames look charming on empty walls, bringing timeless natural room decorating theme into your modern home interiors. Whether for fresh interior decorating or home staging to sell your house, picture frames with natural objects are wonderful wall decorations, allowing to change wall decor ideas with different seasons.

Framed mirrors and small windows or antique window frames to add interesting room decorating accents to your empty walls. A large ornamental antique picture frame, placed around a small window or a mirror creates a different look, making your wall decor ideas unique and impressive.

Contemporary wall decoration ideas

Carved wood wall paneling, contemporary room decorating

Felt wall decoration ideas, contemporary interior decorating

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