Elegant Modern Bathroom Design Blending Japanese Minimalist Style with Contemporary Ideas

contemporary bathroom design with glass walls, water garden and built in floor bathtub
Contemporary bathroom design with glass walls and built-in floor bathtub



Modern bathroom design in Japanese style creates connected with nature, pleasant and comfortable interiors in minimalist style. A soaking bathtub is the distinct centerpiece for bathroom design in Japanese style. Bathroom design ideas are simple and practical, calling for natural materials and neutral color schemes, creating calming, warm and pleasant interiors in Japanese homes.

Modern bathroom design, influenced by Asian decor in Japanese style, is comprised of both contemporary ideas and simple traditional designs, relaxed by neutral color schemes and glass walls, connecting the interior with nature.  The soaking tub made of stone, metal or seasoned wood, is a main element of modern bathroom design in Japanese style.

A large, spacious and airy contemporary bathroom design with wooden floor boards to drain the water and pebbles for adding a natural element to bathroom decor, or a small bathroom design emphasize the Japanese traditions to efficiently use available space, decorate with practical items, use natural materials and connect interiors to the nature.

Modern bathroom design in Japanese style

Contemporary bathroom design with glass walls, water garden and built-in floor bathtub

The main bathroom design idea is turning even a small room into functional and relaxing with neutral color schemes, natural materials, like stainless steel or copper, ceramic tiles, stone or wood. Relaxation, safety and easy access to the nearest towel define bathroom design in Japanese style.

Towel racks, hooks, shelves, storage cabinets and showers are not traditional elements of Japanese bathroom design, but contemporary bathroom interiors in Japanese style can include modern shower design and storage furniture. Water and energy saving, smart shower heads with heaters are a part of the everyday Japanese.

Modern bathroom design with a wooden tub and a glass wall, inspired by traditional Japanese bathrooms

Modern toilets feature many various functions bring the advanced high-tech design technology into modern bathroom design in Japanese style. Simple and elegant contemporary bathroom fixtures with smart faucets add eco friendly products to traditional bathroom design in Japanese style.

Copper bathtubs add exquisite aquatic vessels in vintage style to modern bathroom design

New bathroom tubs, wood, glass and steel bathtubs for modern bathroom design

Japanese bathtubs are centerpieces of modern bathroom design in Japanese style. A soaking tub that allows to sit in the warm water is a great alternative to the traditional western style bathtubs. Japanese tubs are tall and deep. Made of natural materials, these bathtubs show simple, elegant and organic design, connecting interiors with nature. Japanese tubs are space saving elements of bathroom design, perfect for small bathroom interiors.

Small bathroom design with a socking bathtub and a sliding exterior door in Japanese style

Traditional Japanese bathroom design requires different areas (or rooms) for a bathtub and a toilet with a shower, separating a washing zone from the relaxation and pleasure zone, equipped with a soaking tub and wooden benches. A wall, a door or a sliding room divider can attractively separate these areas, offering a clever solution for a large families living in a home with one full bathroom.

Artificial stone in modern bathroom design, stone sinks and bathtubs

Modern bathroom design ideas, soaking tub, rejuvenating experience

Contemporary bathroom design ideas inspired by traditional Japanese style bring the elegant minimalist style, natural materials and neutral color schemes into modern bathrooms and enrich the spaces with contemporary ideas, – like built-in floor bathtubs, glass doors and wall design that connect modern interior design with the nature and create bright, unique and aesthetically appealing rooms for relaxation and pleasure.

Small bathroom design in Japanese style

  by Ena Russ   

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