Creative Twist in Modern Furniture and Lighting, Design from Montly

wood furniture

Wood dining furniture and pendant lights


Modern furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, wall mirrors, and wall clocks from MONTLY are beautiful examples of creative design that celebrate contemporary wood materials. Russian designer Alisa Minkina developed the distinct style for her collection and created these beautiful home furnishings of natural wood.  The inspired by nature furniture design ideas delight offering stylish room furniture and decor accessories for unique rooms.

If plywood looked unappealing and dated to you, modern ideas in furniture design offer fabulous combinations of plastic, metal, and wood. The blends of human-made materials with wood allow creating innovative designs that save precious natural wood and add a futuristic feel to the modern interior design.

Modern home furnishings reflecting the latest trends

Carved wood furniture, design showing the fantastic craftsmanship

Modern sofa, design idea inspired by beautiful flowers

Modern wood furnishings

Wooden wall clock

Home office furniture, an ergonomic elegance of contemporary furniture design

Stylish apartment ideas and furniture design

Original wood furniture, coffee tables for living rooms

Designer furniture and lighting fixtures

Nightstand, wood furniture for modern bedroom design
Designer chairs, wood
Designer bar chairs, metal-wood design
Wood top coffee table, designer furniture for living rooms
Design lights made with wood
Wood dining furniture and pendant lights

  by Ena Russ   


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