Creative Art and Food Design Idea Turns Sugar into Spectacular Lollipops

food art and design ideas, food pictures

Creative food art and design ideas, Creature Eyes Lollipops


Creative art and food design ideas are blended into spectacular treats, bright and colorful, unusual and captivating lollipops. These edible decorations are great for cupcakes and special events cake decoration. They can create a stunning centerpiece and jazz up your party table decor, and then work as after party gifts that will delight your guests.

The amazingly creative lollipops are on sale at in sets that include six candies. The innovative and playful food design idea added outrageously vibrant colors and unexpected themes to fun lollipops. Made of Isomalt, Sugar and Corn Syrup, these treats look spectacular offering the flavor of cotton candy.

Unique food design idea substitutes some sugar with Isomalt, a sugar alcohol that is processed from real sugar made from beets. Colorful candies are made ​​by American artist Priscilla Briggs. The dazzling treats and edible decorations are inspired by exciting themes, from the stars and galaxies, to sports, Star Wars and Independence Day celebration.

Colorful treats and edible decorations

Creative food art and design ideas, Creature Eyes Lollipops

Meteor Shower, Glitter, Birthstone, Country Chic, Independence Day Celebration Firework, Starry Night, Stained Glass and Creature Eyes lollipops offer designs for every taste. Check them out on the artist page Designer Lollipop,, you will be surprised by the assortment of vibrantly colored treats.

Creature Eyes Lollipops are available in packs pf 6 for $13 US. You can pick 6 of your favorite Creature Eyes.

Edible decorations for cupcakes

Creative food art and design ideas

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Photographs by Designer Lollipop 2013.

  by Ena Russ   

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