Sugar Glasses Marrying Colorful Edible Decorations and Creative Food Design Ideas

edible decorations and glasses made of sugar

Edible decorations for dining tables and vessels for drinks and treats

Sugar glasses are colorful and sweet edible decorations that present new food design ideas and blend kitchen crafts with industrial manufacturing processes. These colorful edible decorations add unusual, interesting and impressive glasses to table decor, bringing vivid colors, unique textures and more pleasure into dining.

These edible decorations, bright, attractive and functional glasses for drinks and deserts, are created by Mexican designer Fernando Laposse, The edible glasses are made of
100% melted sugar, offering amazing vessels for drinks and treats.

Colorful and bold sugar glasses make beautiful table decorations that look like Murano glass artworks, adding gorgeous colors to table setting. You swirl the glass and in a dramatic gesture, reminiscent of enjoying fine liquor, the glass starts to slowly dissolve, to progressively render the content sweeter.

Colorful edible glasses

Edible decorations for dining tables and vessels for drinks and treats

The first model used a lollypop, the second used a copper mesh holder. The final models of these colorful glasses are made out of sugar. ‘I have also designed cocktails especially to go with the glasses for instance, what would be a mojito minus soda and sugar, the result is a very strong and bitter cocktail which gets its sweetness from the glass,’  the designer says.

One of the main challenges of this design project was to preserve the edible glasses long enough in order to make big batches and to be able to deliver them to planned events.

Two glasses make colorful table decorations and centerpieces that surprise and delight

Creative food design ideas and edible decorations

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Creative food design ideas

  by Ena Russ   

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