Contemporary Tower Houses and Homes with Turrets Inspired by Medieval Castles

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Modern house design with the tower



You can not miss modern houses shaped like towers or vintage-style homes with turrets. They are unique and beautiful. You can see turrets in medieval castles and modern homes as decorative features that echo full-scale towers. The Lushome collection of fabulous contemporary homes and house designs with vintage-style turrets is here. You know, you can add a turret or a tower addition to your home if you like the idea.

Modern tower houses are a modernist reflection of beautiful turrets. A turret roof is a small tower that projects vertically from the wall of a building creating a pointed top. Modern towers and turrets can have square or round spaces inside with a pyramid-like or circular roof accordingly. The difference between a turret and an actual tower is that turrets typically start at the upper level.

Contemporary floating homes, beautiful architectural designs

Glass residence in Russia, contemporary design

Unique architectural elements, modern houses

House designs with towers

Unique, tower-inspired house designs

Modern houses in tower shapes

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Contemporary homes in a tower shape and vintage-style turrets turn people’s heads, making their hearts beat faster. These architectural designs are hard to miss. A small tower attached to a larger structure, usually on a corner or angle, is a fabulous home decorating idea. Actual tower house designs catch people’s attention not less often.

Tower-shaped contemporary home
Square tower modern house design
Vintage-style and modern turret designs
Modern house design with the tower

House designs with modern and vintage-style turrets

Modern house designs in tower shapes reinvented turrets found initially in medieval castles. The functional architectural designs became decorative elements and then transformed into modernist towers that create contemporary homes. Romantic and beautiful tower buildings are timelessly modern and inspiring.

Turrets in modern house design

Victorian and Queen Anne house designs have turrets that add unique character and style to houses in many historic neighborhoods in many countries. Wood and shingle turret designs feature copper detailing and a subtle spire, adding stunning curb appeal to vintage-style homes.

Vintage-style turret

The interiors of a turret show off the charming and romantic living spaces that can be enjoyed with admiration for the architectural designs. Modern house designs in tower shapes are the bigger version of vintage-style towers. Contemporary homes can have a tower deck or an open-air terrace with a gazebo-like turret roof shape.

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