Colorful Pet Accessories, Proba Paws Collection for Happy Pets and their Owners

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flower shaped pet pillows
Pet beds in bright colors and flower shapes



Colorful pet accessories are the loving designs by Alex Proba. Created in Portland, Oregon studio, the wearables and accessories show vibrant patterns and a unique design style that blends functionality and fun. Bright and playful designs for pet lovers and their four-legged friends add to the new collection several attractive pieces. Check them out to see if you like to buy one or a few.

Colorful pet accessories look lively and make pets and their owners a little happier. Beautiful bowls with a wavy glass effect work for pet food and water or can serve as a storage container. The bowls come in lavender, teal, and amber colors.

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Bohemian dogs clothes and decorative accessories

Felted pet beds for cats and dogs

Pet design collection

Colorful pet blankets

Bright textiles create warm and comfortable dog beds in two exciting styles. Gorgeous blankets, floor rugs, colorful bandanas, and toys make the playful collection. These eco-friendly products are handmade from sustainable materials.

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Modern outwear and stylish pet accessories

There are two styles of dog tags, each hand-crafted from glass in Japan. The tags can be personalized with your pet’s name and contact phone number. Also, you can wear it as a charm, with or without text.

Large pet pillows, colorful dog beds
Pet bandanas and toys in vibrant colors
Colorful pet design, glass bowls
Pet beds in bright colors and flower shapes
Dog tags and charms for pet owners

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