Ceramic and Solid Wood Bathroom Design Collection Rediscovering Simple Interior Design

ceramic and wood furniture, bathroom fixtures and bath accessories

Unique bathroom design with chic rustic vibe


Bathroom furniture and accessories created with solid wood, connect modern bathroom design with the nature, rediscovering the simplicity of organic, functional and comfortable interior design. Elegant lines of sculpted in shaped of tree branches and roots, slightly curved lines, rounded corners and natural white and brown colors evoke a sense of harmony.

An attractive blend of elegant vanities and thick bathroom sinks create charming bathroom design, adding magic to functional home interiors. White and natural brown colors shades of natural wood look bright and cozy, bringing balance into modern bathroom design and offering luxurious fixtures, bathroom furniture and accessories for creating modern interiors.

Designed by Antonio Pascale and beautifully crafted in solid iroko wood, this bathroom design collection Ergo is from Galassia, Italy, www.ceramicagalassia.com/. The bathroom design collection connect people with nature, introducing natural colors, materials and organic design ideas.

Modern bathroom blending ceramics and solid wood

Ceramic and sculptured solid wood furniture, bathroom sinks and accessories, modern bathroom design in eco style

The bathroom fixtures feature organic shapes, enhanced by the use of natural wood. Relaxing and elegant, this bathroom design collection is versatile and universally appealing, suitable for eco homes in any design style.

Ceramic is used for bathroom fixtures, and solid iroko wood for frames and luxurious bathroom accessories.

Wall mounted bathroom sink and towel racks made of solid wood

Designed in the shapes of roots and twigs, the bathroom accessories give a chic rustic look to modern bathroom design.

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Stone and wood bathroom design with open shower, stone bathtub and fireplace

Small bath accessories, towel rods and racks, small round tables and hangers add exquisite touches to modern bathroom design, bringing the nature inside.

Unique bathroom design with chic rustic vibe

The ceramic bathroom fixtures show off elegant, rounded, smooth and harmonious shapes. Freestanding and wall mounted bathroom sinks, modern bathroom sinks are designs in many shapes and sizes to suit any bathroom interior.

New bathroom tubs, wood, glass and steel bathtubs for modern bathroom design

Bath accessories and room heaters for luxury bathroom design

Small bathroom sink, wound wall mirrors, wooden accessories sculpted in shapes of twigs

Charming bathroom design collection of ceramic sinks, wooden furniture and accessories

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