Bright Exterior Paint Colors Adding Fun to House Designs

bright colorful exterior house design


Bright exterior paint colors can update any house design and add fun to cottage decorating. Bright paint colors are modern trends in home decorating that influence house exterior painting ideas also. Lushome shares great examples and inspirations for house exterior painting. Cheerful, contrasting and modern, bright exterior paint colors and creative painting ideas make homes feel fresh and new.

Colorful exterior walls, roof and exterior doors create fascinating house designs, transforming even outdated homes and old cottages into spectacular and inviting. Whether for yourself or for house sale you may want to refresh your house exterior with modern bright exterior paint colors and make it looks unique and contemporary.

Bright exterior painting ideas are an inexpensive and effective way to change the way old house or cottage looks and feels. Modern bright paint colors add stylish vibe to house exterior design and bring a new color palette that beautify outdoor living spaces.

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Bright exterior painting ideas

Ethnic decorating ideas, bright exterior house design

Neutral colors, light and dark pastels, nature inspired light and dark exterior paint colors are popular choices, suitable for any house design style and size. Bright exterior painting ideas feel exciting, creative and modern.

Modern painting ideas include bright paint colors or bold splashes of color, combined with traditional paint colors, neutral colors and soft pastels. Repainting your exterior walls, doors and windows bright colors add fun to your beautiful old cottage or modern house design.

Original colorful house exterior design

Modern exterior painting ideas inspired by ethnic decorating are about making a dramatic statement that is delightful and unique. Bright painting ideas for house exterior is a quick way to create eye-catching elements or details that make house designs look original and interesting.

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Bright exterior paint colors are great for doorways, exterior doors, windows and walls. Bright exterior painting ideas turn cottage or home decorating into bold artworks and create colorful displays. Orange and yellow, pink and red colors, bright green and blue colors, and their combinations add personality to house exterior painting ideas.

Bright yellow painting ideas for house exterior

Geometric decoration patterns and bright exterior paint colors are wonderful tools for modern home decorating and updating an old cottage in summer. Bright paint colors create fabulous details and change house exterior design while brightening up outdoor living spaces and improving mood.

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Front door decoration with red colors, bright exterior painting ideas

Bright exterior painting ideas are modern and more sophisticated than using basic soft pastels paint colors for home decorating. Bight exterior paint colors work for people of both genders and all ages, so bright exterior painting ideas make all happier.  Orange and yellow colors, green and blue colors are are gender neutral colors, perfect for any house design or size. A touch of bright color will create bold exterior walls and give a cottage doors or windows an inviting and modern look.

Modern bright paint colors, rich pink and purple, blue and green colors for home decorating
Ethnic decorating inspirations, bright paint colors for house exterior
Bright red colors for cottage painting

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