Exterior Wood Door Decorating with Paint to Personalize House Design and Feng Shui Homes

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green and purple colors for front door decorating



Exterior wood door decorating can be a challenge. The best door decoration color is your favorite color. You use the exterior doors everyday, so it is a good idea to choose the color your like a lot. If you want to Feng Shui home with color, here are some Feng Shui tips that are helpful and reasonable.

The exterior doors are important elements of your house design. The exterior door decoration creates a proper presentation of your home and set a pleasant mood for visiting home interiors. The front door creates a first impression and reflect your personality.

Exterior wood door decorating with various paint colors create bold and cheerful designs. A single paint color that is bold and rich make your house exterior look stylish and optimistic. Pale paint colors for your exterior wood door are great choices for setting peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.

Paint colors for exterior wood door decoration

Exterior wood door decoration, green paint color, entryway bench and decorative planters

Traditional exterior wood door decorating ideas with carved wood details and paint colors might give you inspirations for adding unique designs and good Feng Shui color combinations to your front door decoration. Designers and architects suggest to look at ancient Chinese front door designs and vintage door decorating ideas to still the look and create original and beautiful door designs for modern homes.

Feng Shui color choices help harmonizing house designs and balancing energies. According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui masters, certain Feng Shui color choices help create door decoration that helps Feng Shui a home for wealth, bringing health and attracting good luck. The exteriors doors are the entry points for energies enter your home.

Soft pink front door and pale green wall decorating

Feng Shui color choices for exterior doors

Here areĀ  5 Feng Shui color choices that symbolize Feng Shui elements and correspond to positive and negative energies.

The Element of Fire is associated with red, pink, orange and purple color shades. These Feng Shui colors symbolize recognition and improve a career.

The Element of Earth is represented by light yellow, beige, sand and earth, yellowish brown colors that symbolize stability. Exterior wood door decoration with these paint colors protects your home.

Gray color tones and white paint colors represent the Element of Metal and bring precision and efficiency, improving mental sharpness and concentration.

The Element of Water is represented with black and blue colors that bring abundance, create peaceful and calm atmosphere that support and nourishes people.

The Element of Wood is associated with green and brown colors. These Feng Shui color choices for exterior door decorating bring health, comfort, vitality and growth. Exterior wood door decoration with brown and green paint colors create fresh and comforting front doors that promise wealth and prosperity.

Feng Shui home, front door and entry decorating

House entrance and front door decoration ideas, 20 gorgeous house exterior designs

Door location and paint colors

The amount of light changes paint colors selected for door decorating in accordance with Feng Shui home design. Light dramatically affects the way exterior wood door looks. The front door and all exterior doors located in the Northern part of the house appear more inviting when they are decorated with warm paint colors.

Exterior wood door, evergreen plants and entryway bench, front door with a natural wood look

All door decoration colors look fabulous on a South side of the house. Exterior wood door decorating that include white, blue and green colors creates beautiful front door and exterior doors located on the Eastern side of the house and make them look amazing on the morning sun.

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Exterior doors on the Western side of the house look fabulous decorated with soft neutral color shades. The Western exterior doors look fantastic, warm and gorgeous when sunlight at sunset brightens up neutral and warm pale and soft neutral colors.

Black and blue paint colors for front door decoration

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