Beautiful Interior Design Ideas to Use Marble in Modern Interiors

kitchen countertops backsplash ideas
Marble wall design, contemporary hood, pink kitchen cabinets



Marble is a noble, luxurious, and beautiful material for modern interior design. Marble comes in different colors and patterns, showing veins or stripes with colorfully stained designs. Marble is a soft stone that requires special care and cleaning agents that allow using marble products in everyday life.

Acidic and alkaline ingredients can chemically react with marble and damage it. A neutral detergent with a pH of about 7 is perfect for cleaning marble.
Also, because marble is soft, it needs protection with special eco-friendly coatings, usually wax-based, that add shine to marble surfaces. Marble is a porous stone, readily absorbing liquids. To prevent this, you need to apply water and oil-repellent substances to the marble surface to fill the pores.

How to use marble in modern interiors

Modern tile designs enhanced with marble patterns

Wood and marble home organizers, beautiful decor accessories

Marble in modern interiors

Metal and marble, modern furniture, decor accessories, lighting, marble slice wall decoration

Despite the softness of the stone, marble conquers souls and hearts with its rich look and splendid beauty. The material brings natural, unique patterns into modern interiors and can not disappoint, showing its uniqueness and chic. Here is the Lushome collection of modern interior design ideas demonstrating the ways to use gorgeous marble materials for luxurious home decorating.

How to quickly create modern interiors, the latest trends

Original interior design ideas, marble shower in the living room

Stylish apartment ideas, a marble fireplace design

Kitchen design ideas

Marble kitchen countertops and backsplash designs are fabulous ideas. The marble cladding looks expensive, elegant, and universally appealing.

Stone kitchen accessories and tableware
Kitchen island design, marble countertop, white cabinets
Marble wall design, contemporary hood, pink kitchen cabinets

Bathroom design ideas

Marble is perfect for bathroom wall designs and flooring ideas. Large decoration patterns of expensive marble slabs add beauty and chic to modern bathroom designs.

Black-n-white bathroom design, white sink, black wall mirror, brass plumping, globe-shaped wall light
Marble accent walls, contemporary bathtub, wooden wall shelves, modern bathroom design
Luxury bathroom design, wood ceiling, glass shower, stone bathtub, walls, flooring ideas

Marble walls and fireplace designs

Classic and contemporary fireplace designs look fantastic with decorative marble pieces, adding majestic elegance to modern interior design.

Marble fireplace design and floor, living room
Contemporary fireplace design and marble accent wall

Marble flooring ideas

Marble flooring ideas offer fantastic opportunities to fill a room with chic and style. Expensive and unique flooring ideas create beautiful floors that appear virtually seamless, shiny, and classy. Also, contemporary interior design ideas offer creative floor decoration with slabs and tiles laid out deliberately in different directions, bringing additional decoration patterns into modern interiors.

Modern interior design, marble flooring ideas

Room furniture

Dining table with a marble top
Contemporary design, marble coffee table

Faux marble decorations

Ceramic tiles with marble patterns and modern wallpaper designs are stylish alternatives to natural stone.

Marble patterns for modern door decoration

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