How to Quickly Create Modern Interiors, Fabulous Latest Trends in Decorating

wooden bar furniture
Bar furniture, RYU Japanese restaurant, Canada, design by Menard Dworkind



The latest trends offer easy, quick, and often cheap ideas for transforming your rooms into modern living spaces. Decorating with glass and metal textures, asymmetric furniture placement, original designs, tropical prints, and green leaf wallpapers are beautiful trends that help personalize and brighten up home interiors. Creative lighting fixtures, ethnic interior decorating ideas, velvet fabrics, stone, marble, and light wood are just a few ways to add more style to your rooms.

Latest trends in decorating

Check out the latest trends and steal a few ideas to add a modern vibe to your interior design. In no time you will see a considerable difference turning your rooms into fresh, contemporary, beautiful interiors.

Modern interior design trends and decorating ideas to simplify life

Geometric patterns, current interior trends in decorating

Interior design trends add eclectic chic to unique living spaces

Upholstered chair in blue, glass desk, light wood floor, beautiful decor accessories

1. Luxury home fabrics

Velvet fabrics is a quick way to give a touch of luxury to any room decorating. Velvet textures are plentiful, and vibrant colors of home decorating materials increase the effect of creating modern chic.

Oriental floor rug, living room furniture
Contemporary sofas, living room furniture design by Sergey Makhno Architects

2. Tropical theme and houseplants

Green leaves look fabulous and add an eco touch to modern interior design. Beautiful wallpaper designs and fabric prints with leaf patterns look gorgeous in modern interiors decorated with houseplants.

Indoor garden, houseplants, RYU restaurant, Canada
Bedroom wallpaper, green leaf pattern

3. Marble

Marble is an excellent material for accentuating expensive designs. Marble items and details make any interior look exclusive and unique.

Crane rug design by Wendy Morrison, light metal table, marble top, glass candle holders

4. Asymmetric design

Total symmetry feels boring. Slightly asymmetric furniture placement or asymmetrical details make modern interiors look fresh, exciting, and artistic.

Asymmetric furniture placement, modern sofas, chairs, contemporary design by Sergey Makhno Architects
Colorful contemporary furniture, sofa, coffee tables, modern furniture design by Sancal Studio, Spain

5. Ethnic motifs

Ethnic designs are among the hottest trends in decorating home interiors. Accentuate your modern room with a few African accents, Moroccan lamps, or Eastern rugs, and you will see how beautiful, luxurious, and unique your interior starts to look.

Wall art, decorative pillows with ethnic patterns, modern room decorating
African motifs in interior design
African accents, modern living room decorating
Wood and leather furniture, Africa-inspired room furnishings

6. Light wood

Wood is universally appealing, attractive, and long-lasting material. Light wood colors are versatile, suitable for all room decorating. Light wood furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures are not just beautiful, but functional, and have the power to stay trendy for years.

Wildwood House, light wood
Anthemion House Hotel, light wood dining furniture
Bar furniture, RYU Japanese restaurant, Canada, design by Menard Dworkind

7. Metal accents

Shiny textures are stylish, like never before. A few accents give life to modern interior design and brighten up room decorating.

Decorating with metal accents, silver vase with pink flowers
Modern lighting design by Manfredi Style, asymmetric lamp with metal accents

8. Decorating with glass

Clear-glass lighting fixtures, colored glass vases, glass top tables, candle holders, and original artworks are timelessly stylish decorative items that we never have enough in our homes.

Contemporary interior decorating with glass top tables and modern chairs in coral color
Classy chandelier with crystals

9. Terracotta and brick colors

Soft, cozy colors of bricks and terracotta pots are perfect for giving your interior design a comfortable, peaceful, warm feel.

Leather chair, footrest, glass wall design
Deep orange color, modern chair

10. Silver and gold accents

A touch of silver or gold gives a room a brilliant and luxurious appeal. Using silver and gold decorations in moderation helps create elegantly beautiful, expensive, and modern interiors.

Contemporary kitchen design, wooden cabinets, golden island

  by Ena Russ   

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