Modern Interior Design Trends Adding Eclectic Chic to Comfortable Rooms

modern interior design trends and room decorating ideas

Contemporary lighting ideas to improve interior design


Modern interior design ideas marry various styles and bring brave, novel, original solutions, and innovative combinations into home decorating. A fusion of styles, contemporary technology, eclectic details, vintage furniture and decor accessories, colorful accents and handmade items are modern interior design trends that allow mixing and matching everything you have in your home for creating unique, stylish, beautiful and comfortable rooms.

Contemporary lighting fixtures give fantastic opportunities to transform modern living spaces, accentuate unique furniture design and create a bright background displaying unusual, surprising, and stylish blends of vintage furniture and contemporary pieces. Original and creative handmade items, innovative LED lighting ideas, and decorating with artworks, crafts, and houseplants are beautiful and exciting trends in decorating homes and offices that give character to modern and comfortable interiors.

Classic furniture pieces look fantastic in contemporary home interiors, and innovative, unique furniture pieces add a fresh feel to modern interiors. Lushome shares the interior design trends and room decorating ideas which help blend originality and eclectic chic into existing comfortable rooms, add character to your living spaces and create universal appeal.

Modern interior design trends with power to stay

11 home staging tips from experts to create bright and modern interior design

Modern interior design trends

Contemporary lighting ideas to improve interior design

1. Contemporary lighting design ideas allowing to refresh modern interiors and create energy efficient, safe and beautiful illumination.

2. A fusion of styles, creative combinations of vintage furniture, contemporary and handmade pieces, original and surprising accents in various styles.

Unique wall decorations, mirror frame in green color

3. Unique window designs and decorating ideas.

Unique window designs
Stained glass designs, modern window decoration ideas

4. Contemporary artworks created with digital printing technology and a few canvas pieces.

Contemporary wall art

5. Nature inspired decor accessories and crafts.

Nature inspired decorations and crafts, modern interior decorating ideas

6. Creative room dividers made of wood, bamboo or houseplants.

Bamboo room divider

7. Green wall design and vertical gardens.

Green wall design

8. Unique wall mirrors and displays created with a few mirrors.

Unique wall mirrors frame and metal accents

9. Bright floor decoration with oriental rugs and original handmade floor mats.

Bright colors for floor decoration

10. Natural textiles and decorating fabrics, creative combinations of textures and shapes, decorations patterns and fabric prints.

Bold combinations of fabric prints, colors, and shapes

11. Metal accents, decorative vases, small tables, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and lamps.

Metal accents, bronze lampshades, modern interior design trends

12. Modern room colors, – light neutral color tones, pale and cool blue color,┬átender, soft, and light pink color, all green colors and brown colors of natural wood, – create comfortable and fresh, inviting and modern interior design and decorating.

Modern colors, light blue color and pale pink color

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