Attractive Backyard Ideas and Modern Outdoor Furniture from Vitra

contemporary outdoor furniture, plastic chair


Modern backyard ideas and comfortable outdoor furniture create pleasant and stylish environment for enjoying warm temperatures in spring, summer and fall. Beautiful outdoor furniture and lights in outdoor rooms enhance home design and decorating, improve the appearance and increase house values.

Durable and weather-proof outdoor furniture collections from Vitra, allow to create inviting outdoor living spaces for enjoyable and stress-free lifestyle. There is no greater joy than spending a lazy afternoons on your patio, balcony or deck with family and friends. Modern outdoor furniture add extra comfort, convenience and style to your backyard ideas, creating these wonderful moments to treasure.

Modern outdoor furniture and lights make any outdoor event more special and bright. Classic and contemporary patio furniture, hammocks and garden chairs, swings and garden benches, picnic tables and outdoor lights come in various sizes, shapes and colors, adding decorative accents to gazebos and arbors, beautifying backyard ideas and creating gorgeous compositions with umbrellas, trees, bridges, flower beds and arches.

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Modern outdoor furniture design, yellow plastic chairs and table

Modern outdoor furniture design reflects contemporary trends in home decorating and bring durable, practical and stylish pieces into backyard designs. Synthetic alternatives to wood and metal, such as polywood, plastic and fiber composites, weather proof fabrics and paints are great materials used for creating modern outdoor furniture. These materials are resistant to moisture and decay, lightweight and make it is easy to take care of outdoor furniture.

Contemporary materials can be easily molded to form various attractive and impressive shapes. Modern outdoor furniture and lights are available in a wide array of styles and designs. Soft shapes and curvy lines replace sharp angles and create curves, which mimic and perfectly support the body contours, improving outdoor furniture design and adding to its aesthetic quality.

Patio furniture, white aluminum chairs and small tables, modern outdoor furniture design

The synthetic materials used for modern outdoor furniture design enable to experiment with color, adding bright shades to backyard ideas and creating cheerful backyard designs.

Beautiful carved wood swings inspired by leaves shapes

Adjustable and portable sunshade design reinventing backyard pergola

Wood furniture design is luxurious but expensive. Metal furniture, like aluminum and wrought iron furniture pieces, are popular choices for outdoor living spaces in classic and modern styles, enriched by attractive, creative and unique furniture designs without compromising on durability.

Pendant outdoor lights and outdoor furniture

The style of your backyard ideas, durable and comfortable material, the size, color and price are important factors to be considered when you select and buy modern outdoor furniture for your home. With a wide variety of classic and contemporary furniture design ideas, bold colors and brilliant shapes, modern outdoor furniture is a great way to make outdoor rooms look very attractive, inviting and enjoyable.

Modern outdoor furniture, red chairs
Modern outdoor furniture, chairs and small tables

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