Adding Chic to Modern Living Rooms with Deco Sofa by Autoban

modern sofa for living rooms

Unique living room furniture design

This modern sofa is a comfortable and unique furniture piece that offers a nice place to relax and adds a stunning accent to modern living rooms. The Deco Sofa from De la Espada demonstrates the exciting design, blending functionality with chic. Unusual details make the sofa a stunning centerpiece for living rooms design.

The Deco Sofa is a modernist furniture design approach to Art Deco decorating with unique, attractive, and exquisite home furnishings. With an emphasis on geometric forms and simple shapes, this amazing living room sofa features oversized screws in gold-plated steel, punctuating the solid wood backrest. Designed by Autoban and manufactured by De La Espada for the Autoban brand, this contemporary living room furniture item with robust, solid wood construction and detailed planes of solid wood creates a beautiful seating area and delights with a cozy mattress.

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Modern sofa by Albina Basharova, inspired by flowers living room furniture

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Modern living room sofa

The modern sofa is available in various upholstery fabrics. The wooden furniture parts come in American white oak with Danish oil or a white oil finish, European Ash with a white oil finish, American black walnut with a Danish oil finish, and European chestnut with brown paint or a black stain.

Creative and modern living room sofa

The Deco Sofa has two or three square-shaped pillows and two or three backrest cushions for ultimate comfort and a unique look. The modern sofa looks versatile and suitable for many modern living rooms design styles.

Unique living room furniture design

The sofa will look fabulous in contemporary and traditional, Art Deco or eclectic living rooms, adding character to interior design and beautifying the living space with chic and style.

Large living room sofa in white

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