Alternative Living Room Furniture Design Idea by Kei Harada, Flower Inspired Okeeffe Sofa

friendly for kids furniture design


Alternative furniture design brings surprising and innovative ideas, creating home furnishings that is impressive, comfortable and playful. Japanese designer Kei Harada showed an inviting piece of family room or living room furniture, interesting, inviting and great for kids.

The cloud like living room sofa is titled the O’keeffe’ Sofa. It features small and large pillows that welcome kids and adults, offering a variety of sitting positions. The living room sofa is comfortable, functional and playful, offering a contemporary furniture piece that is perfect for children also.

The living room sofa brings contemporary look and feel into living room design, and promise lots of fun, especially for kids who love play on and with furniture. The living room sofa was designed for adults with kids in mind, and children enjoy this soft and pleasant furniture piece, created with an intention of inducing motion through the sofa design.

Alternative living room furniture design

Living room sofa with a fabric cover

Cloud like weightless the sofa appears very inviting and fun. Marshmallow like soft pillows in white color look fresh and light. Japanese designer Kei Harada said that the furniture design was inspired by beautiful O’Keeffe paintings  and mimic large white flower petals.

The bulbous forms of pillows which are made from urethane foam and elastic fabric in white color create a flower-like furniture design. The sofa features a wooden frame that makes this furniture pieces durable, stable and practical.

Friendly for kids furniture

Living room sofa created of white pillows

The alternative living room furniture design, that reminds flowers, appeals to that inner child in all of us, seducing to climb and explore the sofa.Although the piece was not specifically designed for kids, children understood the design intuitively, enjoying the opportunity to play.

Modern sofa by Albina Basharova inspired by flowers, living room furniture design

Functional kids furniture design for fun and smiles

Italian furniture for living rooms from Pianca, pillow-like European designs

soft white pillows on a wooden frame create contemporary living room sofa that is fun kids and adults

  by Ena Russ   


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