55 Small Bedroom Designs, Minimal Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Upgrade Small Rooms

wood bedroom furniture

Small bedroom design, Soho House, Mumbai


Small bedroom designs are charming and cozy. Minimal decorating and light, neutral room colors are beautiful tools for upgrading small spaces and making them look spacious and stylish. If your small bedroom design needs a revamp, here are beautiful, elegant, and minimal decorating ideas that can help refresh your room.

The beauty of light, neutral color tones, off-whites, blue, and green colors is that you can blend them anywhere into your bedroom design. Subtle pastels and neutral color tones stylishly transform and refresh small rooms making a colossal impact anywhere they appear. The beautiful neutral hues work with modern blues, pale pinks, and comfortable brown color shades showing off their versatility and universal appeal.

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Modern bedroom design by SMahkno, Wabi-sabi style

Accent wall designs

An accent wall right behind a bed adds personality to a bedroom. Chic and cohesive wall decoration that is easy on the eye is perfect for small rooms. An accent wall directly behind a bed gives the bedroom a universal appeal.

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Industrial touch

Home library with a metal ladder, small bedroom design, unique accent wall idea

Industrial-style pieces bring a contemporary vibe into bedroom designs and refresh the interiors. Small bedroom decorating with a touch of the industrial style looks engaging yet easy-to-the-eye. Metal items with unfinished surfaces are great examples. They are unique and showcase a personal vibe.

A blend of textures

Wood paneling, beautiful wall design, small bedroom design by BS Arquitetos

Adding texture means you take your small bedroom decorating to the next level with ease. Textures make a statement. A few different textures update small rooms like nothing else.

Decoration patterns

Bright blue-pink color combination, floral bedding set

Modern wallpaper with textured designs are fantastic, refreshing ideas for bedroom decorating. Multiple different interior colors and decoration patterns embraced in the room create a contemporary mix that beautifully and naturally upgrades bedroom designs.

Whitewash wood

Whitewash wood give a modern twist to bedroom designs while brightening and stylish small spaces.

White paint for walls and modern bed headboard

DIY displays

Simple displays that you can design with anything at your fingertips are beautiful accents that improve bedroom appeal. The room can look crisp and modern without overtaking the natural flow. Decluttering and organizing while creating unique displays is the way to beautiful small bedroom designs.

DIY wall display, small bedroom design in blue

Modern lighting

Lighting fixtures that are modern and unique give a bold touch to bedroom decorating. Modern lighting brings a unique spin on existing room decor and makes it look fresh.

Unique lighting ideas, string lights

Wall paint colors

Wall paint colors can include monochromatic hues to give a modern touch to a small bedroom design. The beauty of having a dark and light color combination is that the two-tone or contrasting painting ideas open the small spaces and make bedroom designs look super-modern without changing the rooms.

White and blue wall paint colors, yellow bed upholstery, small bedroom design

Inspiring small bedroom designs

The modernist hotel, Greece, room design in neutral colors
Small bedroom design, Soho House, Mumbai
Bright lighting, neutral bedroom colors, small apartment decorating by APrutskova
Rar studio, minimalist small bedroom design by Lisbon Interior Architecture

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