5 Ways To Incorporate Reclaimed Wood and Barn House Design Elements into Modern Homes

reclaimed wood used for modern interior design
Living room with fireplace, barn house redesign



Incorporating barn house elements into modern house exterior and interior design allows to create truly unique homes, recycle reclaimed wood and connect generations. Modern design ideas that attractively blend reclaimed wood and old house design elements into new homes look creative and impressive.

Reclaimed wood and antique stone walls, doors and windows in vintage style, antique furniture and stoves are fabulous elements of old house design that enhance modern interiors with harmony, familiar look and nostalgic feel, and create one-of-a-kind-homes for modern families. Rustic wood add that amazing warmth to living spaces and create a sense of stability and safety.

Rustic decor and rural surroundings influence lifestyle, making people relaxed and calm. Functional old buildings in rural areas and barn houses constructed for keeping animals warm and healthy in winter can be converted into modern homes with gorgeous, unique and stylish interior design and decor.

Barn house elements enhancing modern interior design and home exterior

Barn house redesign, modern dining room with exposed wooden ceiling beams and wood furniture

Barn house redesign transformations surprise and delight, blending modern ideas with traditional barn house design elements, turning large sheds into luxurious, spacious and modern home interiors.

1. Reclaimed wood

1. Recycled wood is one of modern interior design trends that add to living spaces appeal. Salvaged wood looks fabulous, adding fantastic texture, gray and brown color shades to modern house design. Old wooden floors give unique character to living spaces. Perfect imperfections, cracks and scratches are wonderful details that have history.

Living room with fireplace, barn house redesign, solid wood coffee table, wooden walls and fireplace design

Solid wood ceiling beams, posts, staircases and other structural elements look luxurious today. Unfinished wood adds stunning texture to modern interior design and create peaceful and functional living spaces with rustic vibe.

Australian old barn conversion into a modern house with sliding glass doors and exposed brick walls

Amazing converted homes impress with unique architectural designs and modern interiors

2 . Large windows and sliding wooden doors

Large windows invite lots of natural light and beautify modern interior design. They enrich home interiors with beautiful panoramic views of countryside landscapes and create spectacular centerpieces for room design. Sliding barn doors made of natural wood add a distinct look to modern interior design.  Sliding wooden doors in barn style are modern interior design trends that today adorn old and contemporary interiors. Designers use them in modern kitchens and bathrooms, hallways and pantry room design.

Barn house design elements, wooden doors and door shutters

3. Wooden door and window shutters

Reclaimed wood of door and window shutters is perfect for personalizing your house exterior design. These elements bring salvaged wood into modern homes, help create warmer home interior design and add fabulous decorative accents to modern house design.

Modern redesign of an old country home with antique stone walls and exposed ceiling beams

Country house design with rustic vibe and charming wood shutters

4. High ceiling designs

High ceiling designs with reclaimed wood beams give modern interior design a spectacular look and add spaciousness, impressive feel and unique style to redesigned living spaces. Original ceiling designs with wooden beams and joists, combined with wooden, brick or stone walls create a complete open spaces in vintage style, highlighting important elements of barn house design.

Beautiful, spacious and bright modern living room design, barn house conversion

5. Modern kitchen design in rustic vintage style

Barn house kitchen design features natural materials and rustic details, and look simple, inviting and functional. Pendant lights and large chandeliers can add contemporary flair to modern kitchen design and create bright and welcoming atmosphere. Farm house sinks and stoves in vintage style, wooden countertops and stone surfaces, wooden dining furniture and ceramic tableware create beautiful barn house kitchen design.

21 Green design ideas, reclaimed wood for modern interior decorating

Modern interior design with reclaimed wood and rustic decor in country home style

Whether you decide to use reclaimed wood and incorporate barn house design elements into your modern interior design or want to convert an old barn house, this is a wonderful way to recycle and reuse while connecting to the nature and old traditions. Blending old house design elements into a new building or converting an old rural building into a modern home creates beautiful results, preserving old and enhancing modern ideas with traditional materials and rustic textures.

Barn house kitchen design with reclaimed wood cabinets and walls and cabinets

  by Ena Russ   

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