33 Modern Interior Decorating Ideas Bringing Vintage Style with Chests and Trunks

pictures of chests and trunks in modern home interiors

Solid wood chest for bedroom decorating


Modern interior decorating with trunks and chests creates beautiful rooms with a touch of vintage style. Trunks are large packing cases or boxes, that clasp shut and  used as luggage or for storage. They look unique and unusual. Chests are large strong boxes, typically made of wood and used for storage or transport, add antique and rustic feel to offices and home interiors.

Modern interior decorating ideas that include trunks and chests, feel adventurous, nostalgic and romantic, as these pieces of storage furniture are associated with treasures and long voyages. Trunks and chests are wonderful items that help create room decorating in vintage style.

Natural wood chests and trunks can be painted or decorated with fabrics and wallpapers. Old chests add chic of precious antique items to modern interior decorating, connecting generations and creating beautiful centerpieces.

Vintage furniture and decorative accessories created with trunks

Modern interior decorating with chests and trunks

Large chest in modern living room

Chests and trunks vary in design styles, materials, sizes and decoration. European and Asian designs are the most popular types of these old storage furniture pieces. Antique items are impressive, expensive and classy. Modern chests and trunks are practical, functional and stylish.

Wooden chests and trunks can be used for as storage furniture items, or can be transformed into coffee tables, night stands and even office desks. Antique chests and trunks are precious home decorations and look fantastic anywhere in your room, adding remarkable accents to modern interior decorating ideas.

Entryway design with large trunk and fabric cushions

Large chests and trunks male wonderful centerpieces, perfect for any room decorating, including living room, kids room, bedroom or entryway designs. These classy items provide practical storage furniture pieces for winter clothes, bed linens, extra blankets and pillows.

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Chests and trunks look perfect next to your bed or living room sofa. They can make functional entryway benches with storage or be used as unique coffee tables. Timelessly elegant and romantic, chests and trunks bring the charm of the vintage style into modern interior decorating and create a intimate and romantic atmosphere in the room.

Wooden chest and writing table in vintage style

Bedroom decorating ideas that include a chest or trunk looks relaxing and comfortable. Old-time chests and trunks are fantastic for bedroom decorating in rustic, country home or vintage style, but also they add very original details to contemporary interior decorating.

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A large trunk in the bedroom can be used as a closet when placed vertically. A large trunk can be a great room divider also. This piece of old-time storage furniture provide great space for folded clothes and blankets improving functionality of your room decorating by adding convenient and easily accessible storage space.

Solid wood chest for bedroom decorating

Small chests and trunks can be adorned by bright paint and colorful decoration patterns, creating fantastic items for kids room decorating and simple storage. Unique and colorful chests and trunks are versatile and can be used in all children rooms, creating positive atmosphere and beautiful decor for boys and girls.

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Modern interior decorating with vintage furniture, console table made with old trunk

Carved wood bed and antique chest for bedroom decorating in vintage style

Modern interior decorating with wooden chest and glass vases

Modern coffee table with storage, vintage furniture design inspired by wooden chests

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  last updated: 04.11.2013