25 Amazing Stairs Brightening Up Streets Around the World

outdoor stairs, design and painting ideas


Stairs can be true decorations. Colorful and unusually designed stairs can brighten up homes and streets of small villages and large cities. Creative and interesting stairs enhance that elegance and refinement of the estate homes and executive offices or hotels, and add fun to busy streets and parks.

Lushome presents a unique collection of beautiful stairs built around the world. Colorful painting ideas, captivating design or inspiring decorating for simple stairs give great inspirations and show various creative ways to brighten up life.

Designed by past centuries and contemporary architects, constructed using only the finest materials or traditional lumber and natural stone, stairs look unique and beautiful, especially decorated with bright colors and creative painting.

Wooden outdoor stairs and landscaping steps on slopes, natural landscaping ideas

Unique stairs around the world

Colorful stairs in Targu Mures, Romania

Simple and nostalgic staircase designs ideas, or magnificent architectural staircases have beautiful details that reflect traditions and modern styles. All of these stairs are unique and look fabulous, making a grand statement, surprising viewers and pleasing the eye.

All these stairs are remarkable and feature eye-catching details, design elements and unique shapes. Some of stairs look colorful and delight with vivid painting ideas. Other stairs look inviting and charming.

Colorful painting ideas for outdoor stairs, Bucharest, Romania

These amazing stairs are amazing architectural designs and incredible works of art. They add personality to streets, villages and cities around the world, blending local traditions with surroundings and capturing the unique atmosphere of different locations, the essence of cultures and countries around the world.

15 beautiful staircase designs, stairs in modern interior design

Painting ideas and cool designs for wooden stairs

From the simplicity of traditional stairs to art deco forms and fantastic huge stairs, they are among the most interesting architectural designs in many places that decorate streets and enhance the atmosphere of small villages and large cities.

Libreria Acqua Alta, Venice, Italy

Santorini, Greece

Colored pencils on stairs in Poznan, Poland

Piano keys stairs painting in Valparaiso, Chile

Music Theater stairs, Seoul, South Korea

Amazing stairs in Ottawa, Canada

Piano stairs in Ankara, Turkey, black and white painting ideas

Painting on stairs in Mellieha, Malta

Stairs in Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain

Colorful stairs in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Stairs with colorful pattern in red and yellow, Belgrade, Serbia

Colorful painting ideas for stairs, Havana, Cuba

Colorful painting ideas for outdoor stairs, Medellin, Colombia

Stairs to Bom Jesus do Monte in Tenoes near Braga, Portugal

Colorful stairs with geometric patterns, triangles and stripes in Beirut, Lebanon

The Albertina museum in Vienna, Austria

Stone stairs in Seville, Spain

Colorful stairs decorating, RIo de Janeiro, Brazil

Modern staircase design in Berlin, Germany

Colorful Peace stairs in Ismir, Turkey

Spiral staircase design in Bilbao, Biscay, Spain

Colorful painting ideas for outdoor stairs

Colorful designs and painting ideas for outdoor stairs

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  last updated: 17.10.2016


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