22 Fun and Cheap Ideas for DIY Cinder Block Projects

diy flower pots made with concrete blocks


Cinder blocks are an inexpensive, robust and easily available material for building and DIY projects. Concrete blocks offer incredible possibilities to create unique furniture, build steps and decorate your home or yard. You can paint cinder blocks bright colors, especially if you design concrete furnishings with children. You can combine cinder blocks with salvaged wood pieces creating original and durable designs.

Cinder blocks are perfect for building book shelves, tables, benches, day beds, decorating fireplaces, walls, and even kitchen islands. They make stylish flower pots and green walls with plants. The key when it comes to interior design with cinder blocks is creativity. Concrete blocks can transform any conventional ideas and enhance a contemporary vibe, retro modern look or industrial feel in your rooms in many creative and stylish ways.

Concrete blocks for fireplace wall

A simple bookcase, a day bed or a coffee table built with cinder blocks fits in any room in your home. You can paint the cinder blocks and add salvaged wood pieces for the shelves or table top to enrich the room color scheme and create stylish texture combination. You can alternate the spacing between concrete supports to add an artistic look to your furniture designs.

Modern concrete flooring ideas

Concrete and stone countertop ideas for modern kitchens

Modern wallpapers creating realistic concrete walls

When you need some cheap furniture for a temporary living space or in your college dwelling, the DIY cinder block projects are ideal. Here are creative pieces of handmade furniture, wall design ideas and flower pots that you can consider to make with concrete blocks instead of buying home furnishings. These furniture design ideas and inexpensive wall decor alternatives are super versatile and stylish. Concrete blocks are durable, versatile and ready for reuse.

DIY shelving unit, cinder blocks and wood design
Table and room divider built with screen blocks
Cinder block nightstand
Concrete blocks planters
Green wall design with cinder blocks
Stools made with cinder blocks painted and decorated with colorful cushions

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