15 Stylish Room Decorating Ideas Reflecting Modern Interior Design Trends

interior design trends and decorating color combinations
Bedroom decorating ideas, copper hanging lamp, bedding, throw and pillows in Marsala dark red color



Modern interior design can be innovative and personal, provocative and relaxing, colorful and calming, bold and classy. Creative room decorating ideas that reflect the latest trends help to transform homes and add unique living spaces that surprise and energize.

Lushome shares a few modern room decorating ideas to add stylish feel, original design and beautiful look to your rooms. Bright room colors and neutral color tones, contrasting color combinations and deep warm colors, spectacular prints and ethnic decoration patterns, cool wall decor and cozy decorating accessories, unusual painting ideas and a fusion of styles five that unique and very personal look to modern room decorating.

Modern interior design trends offer gorgeous ways for blending textures, decoration patterns and room colors that everyone can find the best room decorating ideas for a particular home. Striking fabrics prints, unusual lighting fixtures, geometric decoration patterns and rich room colors allow create truly amazing room decorating.

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Bold room colors, strong contrasting light turquoise blue and yellow color combination

Modern room decorating ideas

1. Modern color of Marsala is a warm and dark red color, which is powerful and very attractive. This room decorating color is fabulous for creating unique, comfortable and modern interior design, as it can be matched with many existing room colors, especially neutral colors, light warm colors and all light and pale cool color tones.

Bedroom decorating ideas, copper hanging lamp, bedding, throw and pillows in Marsala dark red color

2. Large numbers and meaningful letters make wonderful home decorations and personalize interior design.

3. Color combinations that bring stunning contrasts and add energy to any room decorating.

Modern interior design trends, gray color schemes for matching decor and paint

4.  Salvaged wood architectural designs, antique wood posts and ceiling beams, unique fireplace designs in vintage style are modern interior design trends that allow to add attractive details and spectacular focal point for rooms decorating.

Yellow paint and unique wall decorations for fireplace design

5. Recycling for room decorating is another great way to personalize modern interior design. Anything from antique keys, vintage furniture, retro lighting fixtures and clocks to sport gear and salvaged wood pieces can be turned into modern home decorations.

6. Comfortable decorating accessories, lots of fabrics and soft textures are wonderful trends in home decorating to create peaceful and inviting room decorating.

Interior design trends and modern room colors

7. Bold room colors that look strikingly stylish with the rest interior design colors. Bright accents and room furniture, lamp shades and floor decor in vivid colors are modern trends in decorating.

Bold room colors and soft fabrics, velvet, silk and wood decor accessories, modern room decorating ideas

8. Room decorating ideas in eco style add natural feel to modern interior design and create wonderful details. Living Green wall design and wall fountains, room decorating with house plants and glass wall design ideas bring the nature inside and connect modern interiors with the beautiful surroundings.

Geometric shapes and supermatism ideas in modern interior design

9. Striking decoration patterns, geometric and abstract, animal prints and ethnic decorating patterns add interest to modern interior design.

10. Black and medium to dark gray color tones add depth to room decorating, allow to appreciate all other room colors and bring stylish, timelessly elegant and beautiful accents into room decorating.

Black and white decorating ideas warmed up by adding natural wood and comfortable brown colors

11. Large windows, glass wall design and wall mirrors are modern interior design trends that can transform even small gloomy rooms into bright and beautiful, adding more reflected light to room decorating.

12. Majestic warmth of copper designs, from lighting fixtures and bathtubs to small kitchen accessories, beautify and enrich modern interior design and add pleasantly warm hues to room colors.

25 ideas for modern room decorating with Marsala red wine color

13. Artworks and artistic wall painting ideas, sculptures and sculptural furniture design, handmade home decorations and crafts blend art with decorating and create truly intimate and beautiful modern interiors.

Bright room colors, geometric decoration patterns, animal prints and artworks, modern trends in decorating

14. Modern wallpaper and bedding sets, window curtains and tablecloths or napkins that can be adorned with your own drawings in favorite colors are fabulous room decorating ideas to personalize your living spaces.

15. Classy and traditional decoration patterns in pale colors, creamy and milky white tones and light pastels, that create soft contrasts and add lots of interest to modern interior design, are beautiful, mysterious and attractive trends in decorating.

Bright room colors, striking decoration patterns, soft textures and unique artworks, modern living room decorating in eclectic style

  by Ena Russ   

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