Modern Interior Redesign Ideas Turning Old Garden Shed into Beautiful Cottage

loft style interior design ideas

Glass wall designs and vintage furniture, summer cottage with salvaged wood posts painted white


This beautiful cottage surrounded by a shady garden is a former old garden shed transformed into a lovely, stylish and bright summer home. Large windows and glass wall design bring lots of light into home interiors and enhance light living spaces designed in loft style. Lushome presents the old garden shed redesign project by Polish firm Jam Kolektyw.

Modern summer house can be a traditional building enhanced by country decorating style or a luxurious villa offering gorgeous views and decorated in contemporary style. The old garden shed redesign is a great experiment which created modern interior design in lift style turning an old barn into bright and stylish summer retreat.

This cottage is located in the north-eastern region of Poland, famous for its numerous beautiful lakes. Owners dreamed of a lakefront cottage and found this old shed which was built in 1932. The wooden frame was in good shape, allowing to build new walls and floors, saving vintage roof and elements of exposed brick walls.

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Modern interior design ideas

Loft living style, white cottage decorating ideas

The glass wall designs and transparent roof over the terrace add chic to this summer cottage. Large windows and spacious living room with a mezzanine bedroom create the luxurious, airy and modern loft-living feel.

Salvaged wood columns give warm and attractive look to the house steel frame, which supports the attic. Black and white decorating ideas and vertical lines increase the living space visually, creating this beautiful cottage in loft style.

Glass wall designs and vintage furniture, summer cottage with salvaged wood posts painted white

Chandeliers, arches and salvaged wood posts emphasize the symmetry of modern interior design, blending modern and traditional ideas and creating unique, castle like look. Rustic wood, black and white decorating mix antiquity with modern, creating light, interesting and modern interior design.

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The cottage decorating is enriched by using accents in retro styles. Vintage furniture, wooden chairs and coffee table, wrought iron bed and wood stove look beautiful with homemade floor rugs. Rustic wood boards turned into a tray add a romantic feel to cottage decorating and enhance the summer house design with unique salvaged wood accents.

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Fluffy blankets, wicker baskets, quilts and whitewashed brick walls create a comfortable country home decorating with a loft living atmosphere. The former barn transformed into cozy, warm and modern house which feels inviting and looks beautiful.

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