12 Modern Interior Colors, Decorating Color Trends

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light pastels of purple colors, modern wall paint colors
Modern wall paint colors, light pastels of purple colors look great with green, turquoise and brown colors of natural wood



Modern interior colors and decorating color schemes are excellent tools for creating beautiful, stylish and fresh rooms. Lushome shares 12 modern interior color trends to use for home renovation, interior decorating and room redesign projects. The latest trends in color design reflect the incredible freedom people have in selecting paint colors for matching decor. Favorite trends in decorating and design influence the modern interior colors and offer great ways to match decor colors beautifully and pick the best paint colors for existing living spaces. Modern interior colors help refresh traditional color combinations and harmonize a new interior design or actual room decorating while adding a modern vibe to the spaces.

Modern interior color trends offer extensive opportunities to use dark and light neutral colors, soft and pale color tones and vibrant paint colors or their combinations creatively and innovatively. Modern colors allow to find a winning mix of room decor and paint colors for any particular living space and use the best hues for giving a unique look to stylish and beautiful home decorating.

Modern interior decorating is about comfort and functional beauty. The current color trends mix classy black, white and gray color tones with romantic pink and mysteriously appealing light purple colors. Modern spaces show a fabulous blend of spring-inspired yellow and green colors with neutral beige and white decorating ideas. Orange hues are modern interior colors that look gorgeous with contrasting black and elegant gray color tones. Peaceful blue and green color combinations, red wine colors, bronze and comfortable brown colors can be beautifully mixed into modern interiors also.

Matching interior design colors, home furnishings, and paint color schemes

Modern interior colors and matching color combinations

Creating modern color combinations for every season

Current color design trends

Interior decorating with warm and comfortable rich red wine colors

Here are modern interior color trends for home decorating. The trendy hues create impressive, comfortable, harmonious and fresh homes. Colorful design illuminated with bright lighting fixtures or natural light looks fantastic. Stylish interior design materials and original details just increase the effect and create gorgeous and unique living spaces.

1. Blue and white decorating color schemes

Blue, light blue, and white decorating colors, combined with gray color tones and all brown colors are one of modern interior color trends inspired by beautiful oceans. These room colors look fabulous with sea-inspired decorating ideas, beach cottage and coastal decor, driftwood crafts and nautical decor accessories for increasing the beautiful effect of soothing interior design in white and blue colors.

Blue and white colors for interior decorating

2. Blue and green colors combined with warm orange

Vibrant and light blue color tones mix well with all green colors and warm orange shades. These color combinations look harmonious, cozy and fresh. Inspired by the Mediterranean styles, these color schemes define one of the brightest color design trends.

Turquoise colors and orange color shades, modern interior decorating color scheme with blue and green colors

3. Blue and green colors with white decorating ideas

Blue and green colors feel crisp and breezy, peaceful and bright, especially combined with airy white decorating ideas. The color combinations of white, blue and green colors are perfect for spring and summer decorating. Crispy white and soft, creamy white tones make the blue and green color combinations look fresh, attractive and comfortable.

Blue and green colors combined with white decorating ideas

4. Gray color tones and white decorating with metallic accents

Timelessly elegant gray color tones and bright white decorating ideas can be brightened up with metallic accents. All light or dark brown colors work well with gray color tones creating beautiful decorating color schemes with a mysterious or futuristic vibe. Brown colors of natural wood harmonize designs in neutral colors offering stylish and easy ways to match room decor colors, wall painting ideas, and wallpapers. Silver accents give a modern touch to the interior design and make rooms look impressive and stylish.

Modern living room decorating in monochromatic white and gray color tones with metallic accents

5. Coffee with cream

Coffee and cream color combinations are the classy color trend that mixes all light and brown colors with beige, creamy yellow, grayish white and all soft white decorating ideas. Inspired by dark and white chocolates or coffee with cream, these interior decorating color schemes present deliciously pleasant colors. Brown colors feel comfortable and safe, and all combinations of brown, beige and off-white tones create cozy and relaxing interiors.

Modern living room decorating in warm neutral colors

6. Trees and rocks inspired color design trend

Forests and mountain rocks, moss and grass, tree bark and grass inspired, the modern interior colors include all dark to medium yellowish-green colors, black and gray color tones, all brown colors and whites. Natural shades of green colors, brown colors and all tones of gray color, inspired by stones, trees, moss, and grasses bring the natural feel into modern interior decorating, defining the eco style and brown-green color schemes.

Natural stone and trees inspired black, gray and green color combination for modern interior decorating

7. Majestic and warm copper, bronze, terra cotta, red wine, brick, and beige

Warm copper and bronze color shades look chic. The warm colors, beautifully combined with red wine hues and neutral tones of beige, create inspiring color combinations. Gorgeous Marsala red color is still attractive and mixes well with rich copper and bronze. These warm colors create exciting and expensive interior design. Spiced up by terra cotta, red and orange color shades the comfortable and festive red wine colors create a spectacular effect.

Modern living room design with warm colors
Exposed brick wall design, black and light gray color tones for modern kitchens

8. Orange color with black, gray and beige neutral colors

The orange color is a powerful, warm and exciting choice. Modern interior decorating with orange color schemes feels cozy and optimistic, inviting and cheerful. Blending neutral colors, like gray, black and beige, with orange hues is the ideal color design trends for all who are adventurous and appreciate contemporary experiments with textures and bright room colors.

Modern living room design in black and gray color tones with orange accents

9. Pale and bright pink color hues combined with light green colors

Light gray color and white decorating ideas, combined with pale or bright pink look feminine and polished. Light green colors enrich pink and white color combinations and create fabulous interior decorating color schemes. Inspired by fresh spring leaves and romantic flowers, pink-green-white decorating ideas are cheerful, soft and modern. Pink color and green color hues work well with light gray color tones, creamy white and crispy white decorating ideas. Light green colors are modern interior colors which blend peace and freshness into beautiful and bright home interiors with pink accents. Neutral color tones, pink and light green colors work well together, feel soft and charming. These color combinations and creative floral designs, fresh flowers accents, floral prints, and decorations are perfect for bringing a romantic spirit into modern interior design.

Pink and green colors for bedroom decorating

10. Pink pastels, gray color tones, and black-n-white decorating ideas

Modern interior decorating color schemes with diluted pink and gray color tones look mysterious, soft and romantic. Light pink colors bring feminine charm and emphasize the elegance of light gray color tones. Pink pastels and gray color combinations are one of modern interior color trends which enrich sharp contrasts of black-n-white decorating. Contrasting black-n-white decor accessories balance charming pink color hues and create harmonious, beautiful and modern interiors which are relaxing, welcoming and exciting.

Small home office design in pale pink and gray color tones

11. Light pastels of purple colors

Light tones of purple colors look aristocratic and sensual. Combined with medium to dark green colors and bluish green hues, medium to light purple colors look amazing. All neutral colors can be mixed into purple and green rooms to soften or increase the effect. Purple color pastels emphasize a unique decorating style, perfect for bedroom designs, hallways, and living rooms.

Modern wall paint colors, light tones of purple colors look great with green, turquoise and brown colors of natural wood
Light purple and green color combination for modern interior design, pastel color trends

Mysterious and sensual, appealing and intimate, light purple color create fabulous monochromatic color schemes. Light purple color and classic black, white, beige and soft gray color tones are modern interior color schemes for elegant and exclusive decorating.

Contemporary living room design in gray, white and purple colors

12. Yellow and green colors combined with light beige and white

Inspired by spectacular dandelions, spring sun, and fresh leaves, these interior decorating color schemes look bright, fresh and energetic. Juicy green colors and warm yellow color shades are perfect for creating cheerful mood and jazz up existing room decorating. Yellow and green color schemes are harmonious and beautiful. These interior colors soften in the presence of off-white and light beige. All neutral colors work with yellow and green color combinations. These interior colors offer great ideas for nursery decorating, kids rooms, living room or kitchen designs. This color trend is cheerful, fresh and optimistic, perfect for achieving pleasant, beautiful and modern interior design.

Modern interior colors, yellow and green color combination with white decorating ideas

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