11 Ways to Refresh Bedroom Designs, Serene Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Modern bedroom designs call for comfortable, stylish, and pleasant ideas that create serene, quiet rooms. Bedrooms are places where we relax, so decorating ideas require good organization and soft room colors. Modern bedrooms need to be sanctuaries. Here are the best ways to refresh your bedroom design and add revitalizing decorating ideas to your spaces. Making your bedroom as stylish and elegant as a hotel room helps improve the functionality and appeal of your bedroom designs. Creating more space and lighten up your bedrooms make the rooms feel beautiful and inviting.

Adding vertical lines raises the ceiling visually and add more space to small bedroom designs. Neutral colors and vibrant accents give a touch of elegant style to your bedroom design while keeping the room feeling comfortable and peaceful. Romantic flowers and floral decoration patterns increase a romantic vibe in your room. An accent wall with flower designs or geometric patterns looks spectacular brightening up neutral walls and bedroom decorating ideas. Add unique details or a striking piece of furniture. Decorate with houseplants to increase a comfortable vibe of your bedroom design.

Bold bedroom designs created with bright bedroom colors

Bright red color beautifully accentuating bedroom designs

How to Feng Shui your bedroom

Modern bedroom design ideas

Contemporary bedroom design by Elan Evans

Mixing rustic and luxurious textures are one of the interior trends that are perfect for bedroom designs. Velvet bed frames and wool or silk floor rugs are excellent decorating ideas. Wood crafts can give a rustic touch to bedroom decorating while luxurious textures help create chic bedroom designs.  Create layers with carpets and rugs, decorative pillows and blankets. The layering technique adds a comfortable feel to modern bedroom designs and brings coziness into the living spaces.

Tips for bedroom decorating and good Feng Shui

Light blue and green color schemes for modern bedrooms

Stripes to Feng Shui bedroom designs

Choose your favorite room colors for beautiful accents. Blend them with neutral color tones and stylish, warm shades. Whites and pastels are excellent for quiet, comfortable, modern bedroom decorating. Soothing muted hues make bedroom designs feel ambient and calming. Space-saving ideas are critical for small bedroom designs. Beds with storage, creative wall decorating instead of an actual bed headboard are ideas that help stretch small spaces visually. Choose elegant and comfortable bedding sets made of natural fibers. Add a touch of luxury of soft fabrics and make your bedroom decorating look chic.

Gray color tones, modern bedroom design in neutral colors, photography by Ashley Batz

11 steps to serene bedroom decorating

1. Consider the hotel room design style

2. Use colorful accents

3. Raise the ceiling visually to make your bedroom spacious

4. Bring floral decoration patterns

5. Mix textures

6. Decorate in layers

7. Consider space-saving beds with storage

8. Use pastels and neutral color tones

9. Go for striking details

10. Personalize your bedroom design

11. Buy elegant and comfortable bedding sets

Mid-century modern home, bedroom design by ArchitectureForLondon
Bedroom decorating with houseplants
Modern bedroom design by TRIA Arquitetura, Brazil
Neutral colors, chic textures, modern bedroom decorating ideas
Colorful and bright bedroom design, a house in Palm Springs, California
Contemporary bedroom decorating with vibrant accents. Wave house design
Sea Ranch Cabin in California, modern bedroom, design by Framestudio
Romantic bedroom decorating ideas, purple and red colors
Contemporary bedroom design, Mountain House
Modern bedroom decorating ideas, design by Loshkini
Modern bedroom decorating by Insomnia Studio
Modern bedroom design by Jess Cooney, floral patterns, blue bedding

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