Toddler Bedroom and Playroom Design, Room Decorating Ideas

wall decorating with maps designed for kids

An infant becomes a toddler at the age of one. A toddler period in a child’s life is paramount. During this time, mobility becomes increasingly more noticeable. Toddler playroom design and decorating ideas should be spacious and enjoyable encouraging young children to explore the world around them. Staging a pleasant and peaceful environment is an important part of baby room design also.

Toddler bedroom design should feel soothing and relaxing. Colorful decorating with modern wall stickers, painting or bright wallpaper create an attractive and energetic playroom area and a stimulating environment for your darling. Toddler bedroom decor items, like fun kids lamps, toddler toys, linens, pillows and blankets with Disney cartoons characters, look great with soft toddler furniture made with colorful fabrics.

Images of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Winnie-the-Pooh add cheerful accents to your toddler bedroom decor. Creative characters and DIY painting ideas bring fun and unique style into toddler bedroom designs. Handmade soft toys and upholstered furniture add bright colors, comfort, originality and playful designs to the room.

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Toddler boys room design

children furniture and blue color for boys room decorating

Toddler bedroom and playroom design and decorating ideas

Toddler boys bedroom decor needs to be both adventurous and relaxing. Modern young kids bedroom decorating ideas offer pleasant and colorful themes, like a traditional aqua theme with ocean animals and nautical decorations, a forest-inspired or water plants theme, and all gorgeous nature-inspired themes like a blue sky with clouds and birds. These attractive, bright and popular toddler bedroom decor themes are perfect for kids playroom designs and are suitable for both genders and all sizes of children rooms.

Check out the related themes or stay on topic and keep reading to find more creative solutions, inspiring design ideas and useful tips.

Blue and green colors support the sea coast, ocean voyage or underwater adventures themes. Blue and green colors are ideal for toddler boys room decor. Any ideas that create attractive bedrooms with exciting playroom areas and pleasant colors feel calming and comfortable while giving a strong character to toddler bedroom decorating.

wall decorating with maps designed for kids

Toddler playroom design, toddler boys room wall decorating ideas

forest inspired wall painting ideas for toddler bedroom

Toddler bedroom decor, toddler boys room wall decorating ideas

Turquoise colors, all deep, medium and light blue and green hues are perfect for the nautical bedroom decor theme. Light green and sky blue color tones are relaxing and peaceful, offering an excellent choice for your toddler boys room palette. Beautiful kids room decorating colors may include white and light gray color tones, cheerful yellow, exciting red and soft orange colors. Young kids like pure bright colors which enrich and balance green and blue bedroom designs.

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Toddler girls room design

kids furniture and pink color for girls bedroom decorating

Toddler girls bedroom and playroom decorating ideas

Bright floral motifs, butterfly decorations, and a little princess theme are lovely for young girls bedroom decorating. Pink colors are a traditional color design choices for girls rooms. These romantic and feminine hues mix well with white, light green, pale blue, yellow and orange pastels, peace and coral shades adding more interest to toddler girls bedroom designs.

unique furniture for kids rooms, bear chair in brown

Toddler bedroom decor, bear chair, soft furniture for kids

car chair in blue and yellow color combination for boys room decorating

Blue and yellow car chair for toddler bedroom decorating

Unique wall painting ideas help create intimate and exciting room decor and give personality to boys and girls bedroom designs. If you prefer versatile, suitable for young kids and school age children decor, then simple wall decorating ideas and neutral wall colors make sense. Timelessly elegant neutral colors for walls look beautiful with accents in stylish bright hues. Changing furniture, decor accessories, and lighting fixtures is an easy way to transform toddler bedroom design when your kid grows up.

colorful kids room decorating, bed with storage and treehouse

Toddler girls room, playful bedroom furniture for kids, toys and colorful accessories

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