Stylish Small Apartment Ideas Transforming Studio into Beautiful Cozy Home

space saving interior design and decorating for small apartments and homes

Modern lighting design for small living area

Stylish apartment ideas can transform small spaces into modern and beautiful home interiors with chic feel and unique vibe. Lushome presents an interesting interior design project in St Petersburg which fascinate fans of compact, functional and modern interior design and decorating. Envisioned by designer N.Vashanzzev, the tiny apartment offer beautiful, well organized and modern home interiors for a single person.

Elegant and stylish small apartment ideas transform lacking interest, gloomy and small spaces into attractive homes. Smart interior design and decorating of small apartments and homes that blend stylish materials and space saving solutions allow to turn small spaces into amazing, ergonomic and cozy tiny homes.

This apartment features only 17 sq m ( or 185 sq ft), but offers lots of comfort and attractive look. The apartment has few, beautifully defined functional zones and good storage spaces which help keep the living spaces neat and organized. Los budget interior design and decorating, combined with creative ideas, make these small spaces look not just pleasant, but inviting and comfortable.

Decorating small apartments, blending colorful accents and white apartment ideas

Creative apartment ideas turning small spaces into stylish home interiors

Small apartment ideas

Small apartment design and decorating

Natural wood and white decorating ideas work well creating this warm and bright home interior. Well designed storage systems with pull out surfaces, hanging storage spaces and open wall shelves provide lots of space for storage.

Lighting design is bright and include various lighting fixtures that can create different pleasant effects of intimate and romantic or bright and energetic small spaces. Lighting design is tone of the most important element of creating more spacious rooms.

Narrow small apartment design layout

Inspired by retro styles, room furniture and home appliances bring the unique atmosphere of 60s into the small spaces. Glass, wood, metal and concrete are combined to add a light touch of contemporary style to retro modern interior design.

Small apartment ideas, inspiring interior design and storage solutions

Small apartment ideas spruced up with bright decoration patterns and interior colors

Practical decorative fabrics, shear curtains and Roman shades soften the simplicity of small apartment ideas. Clutter free room decorating ideas include personal photographs and light cardboard wall decorations.

Small kitchen design with wooden cabinets, compact bar table and two wooden stools

Ergonomic and stylish, small apartment ideas create a nice fusion of styles, connecting old and new in this very personal, comfortable and modern small home.

Modern lighting design for small living area

Compact storage systems for space saving interior design

Small entryway ideas

Small bathroom design with glass shower, mosaic tile wall, contemporary bathroom features and towel heater


  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 10.09.2015


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