Space Saving Attic Bedroom Designs Adding Cozy European Mansarda to Home Interiors


attic small bedroom design and decorating ideas

Light blue wallpaper for small bedroom design and decorating in attic

Attic bedroom designs are a space saving alternative for increasing small homes and adding spectacular home interiors that can be used as guest bedrooms, home gyms, kids playrooms and home offices. Created right under roof structures, attic bedrooms are cost effective and fun home improving projects that add unique, charming and maximizing small spaces European mansarde to large and small homes.

Attic bedroom designs vary in sizes and styles, defined by shapes and sizes of the homes. Transforming an attic into a bedroom is cheap and practical project increasing home values and improving the functionality of the small spaces. Comfortable, bright and cozy attic bedroom designs add interest to modern homes and create a romantic place to relax, work or entertain.

Inclined walls create an adventurous feel, emphasizing a tent like design in an attic. A large window and glass wall design are modern ideas for brightening up attic spaces. Depending on the style and size, an attic can accommodate many various room furniture items and built-in storage spaces, perfect for a guest bedrooms or home office designs.

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Attic bedroom designs

Light blue wallpaper for small bedroom design and decorating in attic

Attic bedroom designs are a fantastic idea for small spaces, allowing to create truly unique, surprising and beautiful small rooms right under the roof. Attic bedroom designs bring unique charm of cozy spaces and allow to enjoy the Moon and starry skies.

Windows can add an amazing look to attic design. They come in various style, shapes and sizes, and it is easy to find the best window designs for your large or small spaces in attics. Attractive window designs brighten up small spaces and create functional and modern interior design, improving the entire feel of a house.

Light paint colors and stone wall design for small bedroom design in attic, white and pink bedroom colors

Bedroom designs can color attics in bright and energetic colors. Monochromatic bedroom colors can create peaceful and elegant attic bedroom designs. Contrasting room colors can be used for accent wall design and decorating, or for adding bright accents with room furniture and accessories in bright colors.

Girls bedroom design turning the attic into the modern living space

Attic girls bedroom design in white, turquoise blue and pink colors

The walls can be painted or decorated with modern wallpaper patterns. Unique, interesting and modern wall design gives attic bedrooms charming and stylish look, reflecting the personality of homeowners and creating comfortable and pleasant living spaces.

Mansarda bedroom design, modern ideas for small spaces under the roof

Small spaces under the room, small bedroom design in white and blue colors

White and red bedroom colors for small bedroom design

White decorating ideas for small bedroom design

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  last updated: 08.09.2015


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