Shared Kids Room Design Tips to Prevent a War, Two and Three Children Bedroom Ideas

green room colors children bedroom

Bright room colors, functional shared children bedroom design

Kids room design is a challenge when accommodating two or three children in one room. All kids have their differences and disagreements, but thoughtful and functional room design is a way to prevent a war. To make the most out of small spaces shared by two or three children, parents need to consider kids’ personalities and pay attention to the functionality of interior design ideas.

Here is the Lushome collection of shared children’s bedroom designs and tips for ensuring everyone has their own space in the shared room and creating comfort for every kid. You can find inspiring solutions and creative ideas that help achieve a comfortable, visually appealing, and functional kids’ room design.

Two kids room design ideas

Shared kids’ desk ideas, space-saving children bedroom designs

Two-boys bedroom design

Shared room design ideas

Triple beds, space-saving ideas for shared children bedrooms

It would be best to give each child their side or corner, aesthetically separating the room with various decorating ideas, interior colors, or furniture. Bunk beds are great space-saving ideas for small bedrooms. Also, roll-out beds are excellent for two or three kids sharing a room.

Attic renovations, beautiful kids room designs

Sunny children’ bedroom design and decorating ideas

Kids room for two, bright interior design ideas

Storage ideas

Three beds and storage furniture, beautiful shared kids room design

Plenty of storage spaces means kids are comfortable in the room. When each child has a piece of storage furniture, a container, a shelf, or a box to put their toys, books, clothes in, the room can look organized and clutter-free. A functional room design inspires children and teaches them to tidy up after themselves.

Shared kids room with modern storage furniture and desks

Beds with storage

Extra storage is the best for small rooms and shared bedrooms. Storage beds are an ingenious combination that translates to a more spacious kids’ room design.

Modern furniture for kids bedrooms, beds with storage

Desks and chairs

Let the kids have their desks and play areas, or organize one long desk with two or three chairs and divide it into parts for each child.

Modern kids room design for two children


Corners are fantastic places utilizing all available spaces in the room. They can provide extra storage on wall shelves and in closets.

Effectively utilizing corner spaces, two children bedroom design

Personalized wall decoration

Kids need to show off their room decorating style by choosing a mural or wall decoration for their side of the room. Various themes help add a personal touch to the shared room decorating and create a bright space for all children. Wall decorations, like a mural or shelves, are a friendly, practical way to separate the room and give each child an opportunity to personalize the room design and show their unique styles.

Bright room colors, functional shared children bedroom design

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