Eco Friendly House Design with Separate Wooden Living Spaces for Two Residents

outdoor seating area

Modern house LLP is the latest project by Alventosa Morell Arquitectos. It is located in Barcelona, Spain and offers great living spaces in contemporary style. Eco-friendly, inviting, bright and beautiful home interiors are perfect for comfortable and modern lifestyle.

Lushome presents this house design which allows two relatives or friends live together and have separate dwellings. Green building features a wooden interior design which maximizes comfort and coziness of room decorating. The house has an improved insulation inviting the sun warmth inside and protecting home interiors from the excessive heat and cold.

Solid wooden structures and wooden walls add incredible warmth and golden brown colors to the beautiful interior design. Wooden frames, perpendicular to the concrete wall, create charming, welcoming feel and add a sense of safe shelter to the home interiors.

Wooden house design with beautiful home interiors accentuated by red color accents

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Two in one modern house design

eco home with wooden walls and rooftop garden
Wooden house exterior and Green rooftop

An efficient fireplace creates a nice seating area for each part of this modern house, helps heat the eco home while saving energy. The wooden interior design with large windows looks balanced and attractive, offering comfortable two in one home which is stylish and functional.

The wooden home exterior with a Green rooftop blends with nature harmoniously and boundlessly merging the architectural design with the green surroundings. Wooden exterior design continues with a charming wood desk offering a relaxing place to enjoy the panoramic views of mature trees and picturesque green hills.

contemporary home with wooden terrace
Outdoor seating area, eco home with wooden decks

Clutter-free decorating in a minimalist style, gorgeous ceiling beams and elegant furniture which reminds the retro modern styles of luxurious mid-century homes. Glass and wood surrounded by mature trees create these attractive, stylish living spaces brighten up with modern furniture and natural light.

outdoor seating area with panoramic views
Large window connecting home interiors with nature and wooden terrace
contemporary home with wooden exterior
Wooden house exterior
contemporary home exterior
Cantilever wooden terrace

concrete and wall house exterior design

modern house exterior design with concrete and wood wooden deck with dining table wooden house exterior   wooden ceiling designs modern living room design with wooden ceiling modern home office with a wooden ceiling modern living room design with wall shelves, glass wall modern dining room with wooden ceiling beams hallway with a wooden ceiling

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  last updated: 07.07.2016