Creative Benches, Garden Furniture Design Ideas for Modern Outdoor Living Spaces

creative benches garden furniture design

Benches are simple, space efficient and very decorative garden furniture. Simple benches and creative bench design ideas brighten up outdoor living spaces and create inviting atmosphere. Lushome collection of amazing bench designs shows latest trends in creative furniture for outdoor living spaces.

Benches provide convenient seating. Garden benches are space-efficient seating alternatives, versatile and attractive, suitable for urban environment and countryside places. Many bench designs look like artworks, offering fabulous inspirations for garden decorations.

Here is a collection of fascinating benches that show off creative, playful and modern design ideas, blending various forms and materials with unique textures and color combinations, and creating comfortable seating for outdoor living spaces. All these garden benches look interesting and unique. making a strong statement and creating a surprising effect.

Unique wooden bench decorating ideas to personalize garden designs

Recycling old chairs and benches for blooming garden decorations

Multifunctional garden furniture design idea, Coffee bench

Creative garden benches

Fall leaves garden benches in bright yellow and red colors, nature inspired outdoor furniture design ideas

There is a wide variety in the area of creative garden bench design. From clean-lined metal garden benches that challenge gravitation and look like contemporary artworks to wooden garden benches with ornaments and forms inspired by nature.

Beautiful and colorful, surprising and playful garden benches make outdoor living spaces welcoming and bright. There are many different bench designs in various styles to suit every taste and surroundings.

Creative bench in zigzag form

Contemporary bench design

Recycling vintage suitcases for bench design

Unusual garden benches inspired by cups


  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 29.09.2015


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