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30 Modern Interior Design Ideas Blending Brown Color Shades with Bright and Neutral Colors

modern interior design ideas and home furnishings in brown color shades

Light and dark brown color shades are modern interior design trends. These room colors feel comfortable and safe, elegant and familiar, perfect for any interior design style, room or gender. Brown colors are great to Feng Shui interior design in 2014 and create harmonious and pleasant rooms anytime for all who were born in the year of the horse. Light…

25 Ideas for Modern Interior Design with Brown Color Shades

modern home interiors, brown color combinations

Brown color shades are one of modern interior design color trends inspired by the nature. Brown colors are comfortable and cozy, calming and versatile. Brown colors work for walls, floors, room furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures. Brown color schemes exhibit traditional look for modern home interiors, bringing class and finery into modern interior decorating. Interior design with brown color…

15 Modern Home Office Designs with Corner Furniture in Neutral Colors

small home office designs with corner furniture

Modern home office designs with space saving office furniture in corners look more spacious and contemporary. Creating a home office and decorating it in neutral colors are great for home staging and improving any house design. Office furniture in natural wood colors, gray. black or white adds elegance to office designs and brings attractive color contrasts into rooms, making them…

20 Light Winter Decoration Ideas Creating Warm and Bright Modern Home Inteiors

winter decorating with neutral colors, wooden furniture, soft home fabrics and textures

Winter decorating that creates a warm, bright and romantic look is an excellent way to bring style and elegance into modern home interiors. Soft and tender pastel room colors and white tones look bright and airy, while natural fabrics and rich textures add a warm feel to your rooms and turn your home into a pleasant retreat from winter cold….

22 Fall Crafts, Table Decorations and Centerpieces Beautified with Acorns

ideas to make home decorations and table centerpieces with acorns

Acorns are great, eco friendly, free and beautiful material for making fall crafts and home decorations in autumn. Acorns bring unique texture, fabulous shapes and comfortable brown colors into rooms and beautify table centerpieces with natural, elegant and attractive look. Adding acorns to fall flowers, leaves, pine cones or apples create fantastic table decorations and centerpieces. Acorns are the versatile…

Contemporary Interior Design Accentuated with Warm Yellow and Red Colors

modern interior decorating with accents in yellow and red colors

This modern house design in contemporary style blends elegant decor and neutral colors with surprising, bright and warm color accents. Rich yellow and red colors bring energy into modern interior design and make room decor feel welcoming, festive and cheerful. This modern house is built by Giulietti Schouten Architects, The modern Hollcroft Residence features elegant interior design and decor,…

Inspiring Kids Playroom Ideas from German Designers

kids room decorating with wood, brown and green colors

The eco friendly, creative and modern kids playroom ideas are envisioned by German designers Nathalie Bepler and Lilia Kleemann. The inspiring and playful interior design enhances spaces for kids in  the Kita Drachenreiter Kindergarten, located Berlin. Kids playroom ideas enrich interior design with surprising and fun details, creating interesting and stimulating spaces for kids to grow and be happy. Eco…

Summer Home Decorating Ideas Inspired by Rustic Simplicity of Canadian Cottages

modern cottage decorating ideas

Summer home decorating ideas inspired by relaxing and beautiful Canadian cottages blend wood and stone with nautical decor and light neutral colors emphasizing spectacular views of the Northern forests, rivers and lakes. Summer home decorating ideas and furnishings of Muskoka cottages are about simple color palette, rustic wood, natural stone, handmade crafts and water, – white Adirondack chairs, nautical linens…

Contemporary Apartment Ideas Soften with Rustic Wood and Country Home Decorating Colors

living room design and decor ideas

Modern interior design ideas that blend concrete with rustic wood look stylish, warm and very comfortable. Natural wood, leather, gray color tones and brown colors are warm and beautiful apartment ideas that create a stylish and inviting urban home. LA Apartment is designed by David Guerra and located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The walls that divided the living room from the balcony…

Cool Blue Interior Paint and Colorful Decorative Accents, Summer Decorating Inspirations

blue color and white paint colors for interior decoraitng scandinavian style

Blue interior paint and bright colorful decorative accents, combined with natural wood and white paint colors, create beautiful color schemes for summer decorating or modern interior decorating in elegant and creative Scandinavian style. White and light blue interior paint colors with green and red accents, inspired by juicy strawberries, plants and flowers, look fantastic for bright and airy summer decorating….

25 Modern Kitchens and Interior Brick Wall Design Ideas

modern kitchends with brick wall design

Brick wall texture and pattern are modern interior design trends that create unique modern kitchens with various real and fake brick wall surfaces. Antique old brick wall and exposed brick wall designs painted white, black or any other color, contemporary brick wall panels, brick wall tile designs and brick wall wallpaper patterns offer numerous possibilities and creative choices to enhance…

Blue and Neutral Color Schemes, Blue Wall Paint for Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Design

blueberries, blue color inspiration

Room colors influence interior design and decor creating a certain mood. Cool blue colors are excellent for modern kitchen and bathroom design color schemes. Light or rich blue color bring its special qualities into you interior design and decor, making it feels calm, peaceful and cool. Rich blue color schemes are wonderful for sunny and bright kitchen design. Light blue…

Modern Loft Living Spaces Blending Organic Design and Industrial Style Accents

living room furniture and unique lighting fixture

Modern loft living spaces presented by design studio Ando Studio from Israel, show a creative blend of organic design, industrial style accents, natural materials, comfortable interior design solutions and neutral colors. The project brings brutal elements into modern interior design and softens the loft living spaces with green color, warm wood floor and decorative details inspired by the nature. These…

Smart Ideas for Decorating Small Apartments Featuring Antique Wood Architectural Elements

small wooden table with base and flowers

Decorating small apartments are about light colors and functionality. Small apartment ideas emphasize an airy feel with light decor and wall painting. White walls or painted light neutral color, combined with open windows, help you to give that sense of bigger space and create a lovely background for showcasing antique wood ceiling beams and posts. Light paint colors and white…

Small Apartment Ideas Blending Functionality, French Elegance and Bold Room Colors

red accents for modern interior design

Small apartment ideas that attractively blend functionality and style, elegantly incorporate furniture into room decor while making modern interiors feel spacious, comfortable and inviting, are bold and beautiful interior redesign, decorating and home staging project by French interior designers. Elegance and functionality, bright room colors and coziness add attractive, airy and pleasant feel to this small apartment design and decor….

Elegant Modern Bathroom Design Blending Japanese Minimalist Style with Contemporary Ideas

contemporary bathroom design with glass walls, water garden and built-in floor bathtub

Modern bathroom design in Japanese style creates connected with nature, pleasant and comfortable interiors in minimalist style. A soaking bathtub is the distinct centerpiece for bathroom design in Japanese style. Bathroom design ideas are simple and practical, calling for natural materials and neutral color schemes, creating calming, warm and pleasant interiors in Japanese homes. Modern bathroom design, influenced by Asian…

Black Color Elegance and Classic Style Create Gorgeous Masculine Interior Design

living room design with black furnishings

Black color and modern interior design ideas are blended into beautiful masculine rooms in classic style by Russian architect Victoria Tazhetdinova. Elegant classic style and luxurious room decor offer gorgeous home interiors for for work and rest. These modern home interiors in Moscow are perfect for a young professional man who appreciates the classic style, comfort and some luxury. White…

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Folding Front Panels Presents Hidden Kitchen

new kitchen design with folding front

Contemporary kitchen design with folding front panels hides a cooktop and storage shelves when you do not use them. Hidden Kitchen design from Warendorf shows a new kitchen concept that is attractive, stylish, space saving solution for creating stylish contemporary open living spaces. Beautiful new kitchen design is very functional and convenient. This contemporary kitchen design is perfect for loft-like-living…

Italian Ceramic Granite Floor Tiles from Cerdomus Imitating Wood Flooring

wood imitating floor tiles for bedroom design

Over floor tile designs from Cerdomus look stylish, unusual and beautiful. These contemporary floor tiles from Italy mimic gorgeous wood flooring and bring dynamic contrasts into modern interior design, while offering practical and convenient floor decoration in creative and contemporary style. Wood-like floor tiles are modern interior design trends for wall and floor decoration, that turn living spaces into luxurious…

Contemporary Kitchen Design Trends 2014 Unite New Materials, Natural Kitchen Colors and Integrated High Tech Appliances

contemporary kitchen cabinets with glass panels

Contemporary kitchen design trends 2014 show furniture and kitchen appliances, decorating ideas and kitchen accessories that continue to transform  and make more functional modern kitchens. If you plan to design a new kitchen or renovate your kitchen in contemporary style, kitchen design trends 2014 will help you make the right choices. The desire to hide kitchen appliances and storage spaces,…

Waterfront House in England Featuring Elegant Interior Decorating in Black and White

foyer decorating in black and white

Black and white decorating ideas look elegant and balanced. Classy home decorating in black and white colors is ideal for home staging. Black and white color combination creates harmonious and sophisticated modern interiors

Italian Interior Design Blending Antique and Modern with Ease

vintage furniture and antique painting for wall decoration

A house in Mantua, Italy is a great example of how attractive and charming the blend of antique and modern interior design elements can look. Neutral color scheme, old ceiling designs, modern decor, antiques

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