10 Inspiring Trends in Christmas Tree Ornaments and Winter Holiday Decorations

trends in decorating for winter holidays

Pinkish purple colors, feather Christmas tree decoration

Modern Christmas trends offer numerous tree decorations for creative and beautiful winter holidays. Traditional Christmas balls are timelessly elegant and symbolic. Crafts are an excellent way to soften holiday decor. Handmade Christmas decorations and Green designs add a charming vibe of country home decorating to modern ideas and help set a relaxing atmosphere at home.

Recycling and creative designs, luxurious crystals and romantic feathers, handmade Christmas decorations and vintage ornaments, surprising ideas and unexpected materials combinations turning ordinary things into extraordinary ideas. Fun, resourcefulness, creativity, and beauty blend into charming, beautiful, and unique winter holiday decor.

Modern trends in winter holiday decorations

santa dog and christmas tree
Santa hat and Christmas tree, dog picture

Current trends in decorating for Christmas and winter holidays

Golden Christmas ideas, top color trends 2018 for home decorating

11 popular Christmas trends

12 patterns enhancing the creative style of Christmas decorating

1. Recycling old jeans and burlap fabrics

star and heart decorations
Handmade Christmas tree decorations, star, hearts with snowflakes

Recycling jeans is a perfect idea also. Made with organza fabrics and jeans holiday decorations are stylish this winter. Christmas stockings, miniature Christmas trees, hearts decorations, stars, candy canes, mittens, balls, and wreaths recycling old jeans are excellent handmade Christmas decorations that you can use after Christmas. Familiar blue colors and texture of the fabric create versatile and universally appealing home decorations that look original and modern.

fabric craft ideas
Recycling old jeans for handmade Christmas tree decorations

2. Organza designs

Holiday ornaments designed with organza fabrics and feathers are elegantly light, bright, and playful, perfect for Christmas tree decoration, winter holiday tables or festive winter decor. Wrapped in organza tennis balls make beautiful Christmas balls. Butterflies decorations, pompoms, wreath bows, and miniature Christmas trees made with colorful organza fabric are modern trends in decorating for 2018 winter holidays.

handmade christmas decorations dolls
Doll made with organza fabrics, original Christmas tree decoration
fabric craft ideas for christmas
Red Christmas balls decorated with golden organza fabric

3. Handmade Christmas decorations

Recycling is an excellent idea for designing eco-friendly holiday decor. Winter holiday decorations created with natural materials and recycled crafts are modern trends in winter decorating. Miniature Christmas trees designed with paper, cardboard, wood or fabrics, ornaments made with wine corks, nut shells, recycling plastic bottles for decor or glass bulbs holiday decorations are modern trends in Green Christmas decorating.

eco friendly ornaments
Orange decorations, tree, stars, Green decor ideas
ornaments made with nuts
Colorful nuts for Green Christmas tree decoration

4. Foods as design materials

Miniature Christmas trees made with cookies, pineapples or candies, edible decorations for holiday tables, Christmas tree ornaments, garlands, and wall wreaths made with dried fruits, popcorn, noodles, berries, nuts are perfect for creative and inexpensive holiday decor. Brussel sprouts, tangerines, apples, cinnamon sticks, and hot peppers are modern ideas for Christmas tree decorating.

green holiday decor ideas
Green Christmas decoration, cabbage ornament
food decorations
Cookies garland for Christmas decorating

5. Holiday aroma

Traditional dried fruits and cinnamon sticks, as well as exotic herbs, bay leaves or hot peppers, make beautiful, bright, and original Christmas tree decorations that spiced up the winter holidays with delicious aromas.

original christmas tree decoration pepper
Red pepper, orange, herbs, Christmas tree decorations made with food
christmas tree decorating with food
Christmas tree decorating with food, cranberries and lime slices garland

6. Yarn, twines, ribbons, and buttons

Traditional and original crafts offer fabulous, unique and modern ideas for home decorating. Felt fabrics, yarn balls, beautiful beads, and colorful buttons are excellent materials for making unique designs.

handmade holiday decoration
Handmade Christmas ball designed with yarn
christmas tree ornament decorated with buttons
Christmas tree ornament decorated with button Christmas balls, fabric craft ideas

7. Branches

Beautiful Christmas ideas for decorating with branches

A fantastic combination of winter branches and gracious glass Christmas balls or elegant Christmas ornaments in vintage style is one of the most beautiful trends in decorating that connects generations and marries the eco-style with luxury.

branches and star decorations
Corner decorating idea, suspended star ornaments, wooden ladder, glass Christmas balls, paper crafts
winter decorating with evergreen branches
Kitchen window decorating with evergreen branches

8. Crystals

Christmas tree decorations with colored crystal details look chic, bringing bright designs and classy elegance to holiday decor.

fruit theme
Fruit ornaments with crystals, modern Christmas theme


purple crystal ornament
Vintage decor ideas for Christmas

9. Feathers and fur

Miniature Christmas trees designed with feathers and delicate ornaments with fur accents look charming. Colorful feathers and fur make beautiful, elegant, exclusive decorations which add a chic touch to winter holiday decor.

original christmas decorations
Painted feathers and golden Christmas balls, modern winter holiday decorations
trends in decorating for winter holidays
Pinkish purple colors, feather Christmas tree decoration

10. Dogs’ theme

Dog toys are symbolic holiday decorations for New Year Eve and winter celebrations 2018. Balls with dogs, glass dog ornaments, candles and figurines, soft toys, stockings and socks with dogs images, cardboard designs and paper crafts in dogs shapes are excellent for making garlands and spicing up table centerpieces to celebrate in the coming year. Embroidery, wood or fabric crafts and drawings make beautiful holiday decorations also. Yellow and golden colors, beige and light brown color shades are perfect for home decorating in 2018, the Year of the Dog.

dog ornaments
Dog ornaments, fun Christmas tree decorations
dog wearing santa hat and cat in hammock
Dog in Santa hat, white cat in a hammock Christmas wreath

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  last updated: 16.12.2017