Vinyl Wall Stickers, 2 New Creative and Modern Wall Decorating Ideas

fabric prints, wall stickers and blue painting ideas for wall decoration
Gorgeous blue and white decorating ideas from designer


Wall stickers are cheap and quick ways to decorate empty walls, furniture and home appliances, bringing playful and cheerful accents or classy and elegant details, enhancing modern interior decorating. Simple and inexpensive vinyl stickers can dramatically transform rooms, creating different mood and highlighting home decor ideas.

Contemporary vinyl stickers are available in millions of colors and sizes, offering various patterns and images for any interior decorating theme. Vinyl wall stickers are easy to apply and remove for fresh and modern interior decorating and home staging.

Vinyl wall stickers are excellent solutions for decorating empty walls and covering a small problem spot, adding pleasant patterns and images and improving the entire room look.

Wall stickers, prints on sofa and pillow covers and wall painting ideas create bold living room design in white and blue

Two modern wall decorating ideas with vinyl stickers

Blending wall stickers with wall painting ideas and fabric prints and making wall decorations with wall stickers are two new wall decorating ideas that create gorgeous home interiors.

1. Wall decorating with paint and vinyl stickers

If you use only vinyl stickers on empty walls, they add interesting decorative accents, but do not create impressive wall decor.

Gorgeous blue and white decorating ideas from designer Jorge Aguilar

The combination of creating painting ideas and wall stickers creates gorgeous wall decorating design that change the entire room atmosphere, bringing more color and interesting theme into modern interior decorating.

Modern decorating ideas, wall stickers, decals and vinyl art

Floral wall decorating with pink and purple poppy vinyl stickers

Painting ideas, printing on fabrics and wall stickers blend into gorgeous wall decorating ideas. Designer Jorge Aguilar shows Mural Azul, a creative work that looks like modern wall art. Reflected on the sofa and pillow covers, images of the tree and birds create stunning living room design.

Blue wall painting ideas, combined with wall stickers for unique wall decorating

2. Making wall decorations with vinyl stickers

Designers from Interior Stickers, England, suggest to use wall stickers for furniture and doors, fridge and washers, small kitchen appliances and empty walls. Interior stickers offer colorful wall sticker designs that can be applied to any surface with the glue.

Fridge door decorating ideas, delightful vinyl stickers

Kitchen decorating to dress up the fridge

Beautiful landscapes and contemporary graphics, retro style and modern stiker designs can be used for making unique and attractive wall decorations, turning a canvas frame or a piece of cupboard paper look like artworks.

Wall art created with vinyl sticker, artistic and unique wall decorating ideas

You can create frames paintings in classic style for your living room design or make wall decorations with abstract patterns for wall decorating in bedrooms, hallway and entryway.

Mirror sticker, wall decor ideas for spacious room design

Black cat wall stickers, modern interior decorating ideas

Creative and unusual, elegant and classy wall decorations made with vinyl stickers are quick and cheap way to refresh interior decorating and create different mood, adding interesting theme, patterns and images to your home interiors.

Modern interior decorating with vinyl stickers

  by Ena Russ   

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