Vertical Green Designs Creating Spectacular Yard Decorations, 55 Breathtaking Green Ideas

decorative wall panels plants

Exterior wall decorations, plants, beautiful yard landscaping


Vertical elements of garden designs are beautiful and modern ideas for space-saving yard landscaping. Vertical gardens and decorative wall panels add gorgeous accents to outdoor home spaces and delight all who appreciate Green design. Climbers, succulents, and other small plants growing on walls create a surprising, pleasant effect and a peaceful atmosphere.

Green colors are calming and relaxing. Vertical gardens, hanging baskets, structures with vines, and decorative wall panels with plants are the most beautiful and modern ideas for creating impressive outdoor home spaces and accentuating spectacular yard landscaping. If you like contemporary garden style, space-saving ideas, and original yard decorations, check out the Lushome collection of impressive handmade decorative panels and Green designs for exterior walls.

Creative backyard ideas, vertical garden designs with plastic pipes

Modern ideas, vertical garden designs for decorating rooms

Space-saving Green designs in yards and home interiors

Green wall designs in outdoor home spaces

Beautiful patio design with the spectacular Green wall garden

Space-saving ideas for decorating with plants

Green ideas for modern wall decoration with plants, vertical garden designs

Green buildings with vertical gardens

Vertical garden designs adding a unique look to the house exteriors

Summer decorating is about outdoor home spaces, yards, and gardens. Get inspired by our extraordinary Green ideas and start adding greenery to your environment. Space-saving ideas allow modern decorating to look elegant and turn even small summer cottages and backyards into gorgeous retreats.

Exterior wall design and decorating with plants

If you need to choose between trees and vines, think about how space-saving and beautiful flowering climbers are. Grapes, clematis plants, climbing roses, ivy are great plants for yard landscaping. Vertical elements add dimensions to garden designs and visually stretch outdoor home spaces. Here are a few ways to enjoy vertical Green ideas that elegantly personalize and beautifully create space-saving yard landscaping.

Breathtaking sunshade created with climbing plants
Space-saving yard landscaping, creative Green ideas

Vertical landscaping ideas

1. Green fence

2. Green porch

3. Decorative wall panels with plants

Unique wall decoration with plants and geometric trellises

4. Green elements in patio designs

5. Handmade vertical planters with edible herbs and spices, like thyme, basil, mint

6. Vertical Green elements around an outdoor shower, swimming pool, spa-like outdoor bathroom, and other water features

Contemporary home spaces, Green wall designs, creating comfortable natural shades.

Plants are great for eco-friendly yard landscaping and patio ideas. Climbers and decorative wall panels create shade and comfort. The vertical elements of yard landscaping make beautiful privacy and decorative screens and help create functional zones. It is easy for fast-growing climbing plants to form a roof, and small plants, like succulents, naturally can add a touch of green color to empty walls, unappealing fences, and bare corners.

Plants for wall decoration, vertical garden design
Wall decoration with small plants
Shelving ideas and stands for plants
Plants growing on the decorative wall panel and table, small balcony decorating ideas, vertical garden designs
Exterior wall decorations, plants, beautiful yard landscaping

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