Green Building with Vertical Gardens and Contemporary Spaces to Live and Work

hanging gardens and balconies with gardens

Apartment building with sustainable design and vertical gardens

Green building with vertical gardens, comfortable apartments and offices reflect an eco trend in architectural designs and modern lifestyle.Urban360 is a mixed commercial development project that is distinguished by its unique approach to creating dual-purpose spaces splendidly-suited to serve both the needs for a new work lifestyle and a cozy sanctuary.

This green building features a sustainable design and offers green lifestyle for residents including  apartment units and offices in north-south orientation, lush vertical gardens and rain water harvesting to recycle it for the use in public restrooms and garden irrigation.

Designed by f3capital and marked by two towers of urban chic and versatile suites, Urban360 provides the ideal environment to professionals, entrepreneurs and artists to own customized living and working spaces that elevate their lifestyle to new heights of creativity and fulfillment.

Apartment building with sustainable design and vertical gardens

Modern green building ideas

Green building ideas, green cast design by Kengo Kuma

Green building in rural urban style with spacious apartments and private small gardens

Luxury apartments with vertical gardens

Seamless landscaped features and lush greenery envelop each green building, offering a serene and calm ambiance for those wishing to be serenaded by peace and harmony within an urban environment.

Centerpiece to this is a vertical garden woven into the high rise environment. Hanging pocket gardens give a stunning appearance to this green building, creating spectacular vertical gardens.

Gorgeous terrace with a rooftop garden

The vibrant energy of a cosmopolitan ambiance converging with the soothing minimalist landscape and garden designs creates a new dimension where work, play and relaxation transpire in congruence, creating a pleasant environment for green living.

Green building, green wall and rooftop garden for modern eco homes

Eco friendly green building with empty glass bottles

  by Ena Russ   

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