Unique Furniture and Decorations Adding Indonesian Handicrafts to Modern Home Decor

rattan room divider and garden bench

Rattan room divider and garden bench for home decorating with exotic flavor


Indonesian designers get inspired by unique furniture and home decorations handmade by local artisans and started to promote Indonesian handicrafts and creative furnishings for modern home decorating. They transformed traditional hand-woven rattan mats into a stylish stand, – a room divider and a decorative storage furniture piece, and designed this garden bench Bubu that beautifully adjusts to the weight.

These beautiful and unique furniture and home decorations demonstrate the beauty of rattan, blending creativity of Indonesian handicrafts with modern home decor ideas. Handicrafts, created with local materials and by using conventional methods and tools, add a natural feel to home interiors or outdoor living spaces, creating more beautiful homes.

These handicrafts are handmade, offering gorgeous home decor pieces that are versatile and suitable for any room decorating. Functional and very decorative these unique furniture items create stunning centerpieces for interior design and outdoor home decorating, personalizing living spaces in elegant and luxurious style.

Handicrafts for modern home decorating

Rattan furniture, garden bench for outdoor home decorating

Handicrafts are wonderful for decorating favorite places in homes, gardens and offices, adding exquisite details to interior design or outdoor rooms. These crafts are natural and designed in highly advanced style, adding expensive chic accents to modern homes, offices and public places.

Handicrafts are a consistently growing trend in decorating.  modern interior design and home decorating. Countries like Indonesia, Thailand, China, Mexico, India and Bangladesh are powerhouses of handicrafts that help personalize interior design ad create very original and modern home decor.

Handmade rattan room divider and garden bench for home decorating with exotic flavor

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Handmade rattan stand and storage furniture item

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