Tree Bookcases and Shelves, Eco Style Comes with Space Saving Ideas

recycling tree branches for glass shelves
Contemporary design idea for glass shelves in eco style


Tree book shelves are a wonderful way to bring eco style and space saving ideas into modern interior design. Nature provides endless inspirations for modern bookcases and shelves. Lushome presents beautiful design ideas for interior decorating with tree book shelves.

Designer Sebastian Errazuriz made unusual book shelves with real tree branches, adding novelty to tree-inspired designs. He recycled a dry branch for beautiful and creative bookshelf, which is versatile and suitable for any interior decorating. This book shelf design idea is fresh and attractive, offering economical use of wall space and elegant organization.

Space saving ideas are important in these days. Tree bookcases and shelves are excellent for better utilization of available wall space and improving small interior design. Plastic, metal, glass and wooden shelves, inspired by trees branches and trunks, are one of modern trends in decorating modern interiors and even outdoor spaces.

Cat tree design with book shelves, modern cat furniture

Cat tree design ideas, simple DIY cat furniture

Tree glass shelves

Contemporary glass shelves and branches

Glass shelves are not a new innovation to store and stock up articles. Glass shelves have been there for ages. But, unlike olden times, new design combined real tree branches with glass shelves creating truly beautiful and original wall decoration.

The demand for unique design of bookcases and shelves and maximization of storage spaces is huge. Tree inspired book shelves with glass surfaces give a nice organic look to modern interior design and offer a modern way of enjoying space saving ideas.

Contemporary design idea for glass shelves in eco style

Tree bookcases and shelves

Tree bookcases and shelves are great storage furniture in eco style that remind of ideas of Green living. Tree bookcases look fantastic in every room, from kids rooms to hallways and bedrooms. People keep books and other articles on these shelves which beautifully decorate modern interiors.

Bookcases and shelves, wall shelving unique designs made with wooden tables and boxes

Creative bookcases and shelves for kids rooms

Tree-shaped bookcases and shelves help arrange and store kids toys and books, display vases and crafts. Tree-shaped bookcases and shelves are ideal for accommodating more items in less space, to preserve the possession and have easy access whenever needed, offering modern space saving ideas and economical usage of wall space.

Wooden shelves inspired by trees

Contemporary wire shelving, plastic or wooden shelves, steel shelving and glass shelves add a modern vibe to storage and organization. Designing of tree bookcases and shelves are thoughtfully done and bring meaningful images into modern interior design.

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Modern ideas for interior decorating with bookcases and shelves

Tree bookcases and shelves are gracious. Tree-shaped bookcases provide durability, style and versatility of trees. Wooden shelves can be expensive these days, so finding alternative materials and creative combinations of natural materials for tree inspired bookcases and shelves is a smart and contemporary design idea.

Tree shelving for modern wall decorating

Added advantage of an alternate material, like glass or steel, brings the versatility of changing shapes and better load bearing capacity. Blending materials looks interesting and novel, but traditional wooden tree bookcases and shelves are beautiful pieces of modern storage furniture also.

15 modern interior decorating ideas with book shelves and modular shelving

Wooden bookcases, space saving tall bookcase design

Tree book shelves are very popular in modern interior design and decorating. Tree bookcases and shelves are elegant in looks and versatile in interior decorating. Tree book shelves create attractive centerpieces in modern living rooms, bedrooms and kids rooms, but also can be used for brightening up home office designs, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Book trees, light and dark wood furniture for storage and organization

Tree book shelves allow to change modern interior design and wall decorating by shifting items from place to place. Tree bookcases and shelves allow to design rooms for specific purposes and use book shelves for displays, storage, office and home organization. Excellent as space saving ideas, tree shelving units are ideal for managing storage in small spaces.

tree branches for wall shelves
Book tree for modern wall decorating
Tree book shelving
Wooden shelves inspired by trees
Tree wall decoration

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