15 Modern Interior Design Ideas for Decorating with Book Shelves

wall decorating with book shelves
Contemporary wall mounted book shelves, modern interior design ideas

Bookcases and shelves are convenient and stylish book storage solutions that add traditional or contemporary decorative accents, interesting forms and materials to modern interior design. Everyone who loves books, have lots of them, and the collection if constantly growing. Attractive bookcases and shelves are excellent book storage ideas.

The beautiful collection of book shelves will help you to decide what shelving system is the best for book storage in your home and decide whether to buy contemporary or traditional book shelves, or choose custom-made and built-in book shelves in your room.

There are many traditional and contemporary book storage ideas for creating functional and attractive interior design. Traditional storage furniture looks solid, functional and comfortable. Contemporary book storage solutions are space saving, interesting and stylish.

Book shelves for home library

Modular shelving, wall decorating ideas

Modern storage furniture for books

Contemporary wall mounted book shelves, modern interior design ideas

Bookcases and shelves with doors

Traditional bookcases and shelves are great for home offices. Living rooms and children bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms can be beautifully decorated with tall bookcases, built-in book shelves and wall mounted book shelves also.

Modern bookcases and shelves come in various colors, shapes ans sizes, providing convenient book store solutions for modern homes. Book storage cabinets, bookcases and shelves with doors protect books from dust and moisture. Tall bookcases and vertical shelving designs occupy less living space, offering practical, space saving storage ideas for small rooms.

Built-in book shelves for modern interior design, convenient book storage solutions

Modern interior design with book shelves

Wall mounted book shelves are alternative storage solutions that allow to use the floor area for other furniture items.

Small home library designs, book shelves for decorating small spaces

Wooden book shelves, creative bookshelf design ideas for interior decorating

Built-in book shelves and single wall mounted book shelves can be places in any room, maximizing the wall space and creating unique shelving designs.

Contemporary living room furniture and book shelves for home library

Contemporary book shelves in bright colors and unique shelving  designs that combine various shelves look interesting and unusual. Small lighting fixtures on book shelves are another modern interior design idea that helps create comfortable and functional rooms with shelves.

Storage furniture for living room with bookshelves, modern interior design ideas

If the space allows, you can place few book shelves on legs, adding retro style charm to modern interior design and using walls for decorating with art pieces.

Contemporary interior design ideas, built-in book shelves

Beautiful and interesting, traditional or contemporary book shelves are excellent for book storage and creating elegant or unusual decorative accents.

5 wall shelves design ideas for modern interior decorating

Large bookcases, sliding bookcases and shelves

Book shelves should be not only attractive, but durable and convenient to use. Think where and how to create safe and comfortable storage for books. They should be easily reached, if you use them often.

  by Ena Russ   

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