Top 10 Design Trends for Modern Living Rooms Creating Original Interiors

interior design trends

Glass wall panels, high ceiling, airplane decoration, modern living room design


Modern interior design trends help create beautiful living spaces, functional, attractive, and unique. The ideal living room design addresses all critical elements, from room colors and finishing materials to furniture and decorations. Modern living rooms are interiors which show multifunctional interior design. People meet guests, relax, and spend time with the family in their living rooms which reflect their lifestyle and tastes. Here are top design trends that can help add stylish and comfortable elements to living spaces.

Modern living room design is personal, incorporates unique solutions, and reflects the latest trends in decorating. Creative finishing materials, surprising designs, unique lighting, designer furniture and decor accessories create fabulous places. Have a look at the ideas showing the design trends that bring originality and comfortable chic into functional and modern living rooms.

Living room design trends

Loft design, brick wall, modern wallpaper, contemporary living room design with retro-modern accents

1. Functional and elegant minimalist style

Simplistic approaches to modern living room design create spacious, luxurious, and airy interiors. Spaciousness feels comfortable. Zoning improves the functionality and entire look of contemporary living spaces. Minimum living room furniture and accessories give a breezy feel to the interior design. Soft fibers, beautiful textiles, attractive lighting design create beautiful and modern living rooms.

Modern interior design trends, bright coziness, frugal luxury

Eight current color palettes and ideas for vibrant interior design

Living room furniture, design ideas for modern interiors

Simplicity and functionality are modern living room design trends that help get rid of clutter and create healthy homes. Practical solutions in minimalist style make modern living rooms look informal and functional. Living room furniture blends with wall colors, creating open and wide spaces. Unusual materials, designer furniture, creative forms, and original decorative accessories make the calm, peaceful living rooms look unique and stylish.

Contemporary living room in minimalist style, brick wall, black and white sofa

2. Stones and brick wall design

Decorative panels, antique stone wall designs, and blocks are modern design trends that connect generations and bring timelessly elegant, attractive elements into the contemporary interior design. Huge stone and brick surfaces add gorgeous colors and original patterns to living room designs. Surprising solutions give a fresh look to wall designs in modern living rooms.

Unique wall design, brick texture, blue sofa, modern living room and kitchen island

3. Designer furniture and textiles

Unique home furnishings are one of the luxurious latest trends in decorating living rooms. The original pieces add personality to interior design and make living rooms look luxurious. Beautiful textiles, original artworks, handmade decorations and designer lights set a chic mood in modern interiors.

Unique furniture and floor carpet, brick walls, industrial style loft design

4. Creative finishing materials

Blending wood and stone is one of the beautiful trends in decorating and design. Modern living rooms with stone and wood walls feel comfortable, safe, and inviting. Reclaimed timber and stone create a retreat and look attractive with house plants and green wall designs. Perfect for eco style room design the stone and wood combination is suitable for traditional and contemporary interiors.

Wooden parquet, modern wall design

5. Metal accents

A puzzle of wooden planks, metal furniture frames, marble tops, and mosaic tile designs come together to transform living rooms offering beautiful details to refresh the interior design. Natural materials and original accents create modern living rooms that will look unique and beautiful for years to come.

Glass and metal coffee table, unique ceiling design, custom storage system

6. Customized wood designs

Wood is a traditional interior design material, which is functional and decorative. Built-in wooden furniture and attractive storage systems maximize small spaces and add a luxurious feel to modern living rooms.

Wooden furniture, modern living room

7. Colorful accents

Bright accents, striking contrasts, and vibrant colors are modern interior design trends which influence living rooms also. Smooth surfaces and rough textures, neutral colors and bold hues, quiet interior design and functional accents, like original lighting fixtures, artworks, unique decoration patterns, and surprising details bring excitement into the modern living room design and create beautiful rooms for families and guests to enjoy.

Living room sofas in red

8. Blue color

Blue color tones are fabulous color design solutions for modern living rooms. Blue looks amazing with yellow, green, pink, and purple colors. Nautical decor and seacoast cottage decorating styles give inspirations for creating beautiful color combinations with blue and whites.

Wooden wall panels, designer chairs, blue rug, living room decorating in blue and white

9. Mirrors and glossy surfaces

Mirrored surfaces create pleasant optical illusions of spacious small rooms. Mirrors reflect the beautiful home furnishings and stretch living rooms visually. Strategically placed mirrors and glossy panels bring more light into interiors, accentuate walls, and create a bright atmosphere. The original interior design calls for large mirrors to reflect the creative solutions and amplify the beauty.

Contemporary fireplace, built-in storage, black glossy wall panels, modern wall design trends

10. Glass wall design

Huge glass surfaces open living rooms, create a connection with nature, provide panoramic views, and brighten up interior design.

Glass wall panels, high ceiling, airplane decoration, modern living room design

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