Spectacular Tree House Designs Offering Romantic and Intimate Living Spaces

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Unique treehouse design

Secret Lair is the treehouse build by Joel Allen, the former software developer. The tree-house design features an egg-shaped structure called HemLoft. Built on government-owned crown land in the woods outside of Whistler, British Columbia, this unique house showcases the beautiful craftmanship of salvaged wood and other available materials claimed from Craigslist ads.

Young designer Joel Allen, who lives in this fantastic treehouse part-time, created a romantic, intimate, functional, and comfortable living space with built-in benches, shelves, and a wooden deck. The house is decorated with meaningful photos and sentimental objects, offering a true retreat in the woods.

A spiral staircase design leads to a hinged window for scanning the forest scenery. A top-hinged window opens, allowing to water a house plant on a ledge outside. Surrounded by the forest with mature trees, the HemLoft treehouse features a sliding glass door to the wooden deck, where the owners cook meals and enjoy the views of the forest.

Unique treehouses in Sweden merging eco exterior and interior design with pine trees

Castle-like treehouse design in Texas featuring charming vintage decor

DIY treehouse design allowing to watch nesting birds

Unique treehouse designs

Round treehouse design, exterior

Live-In Treehouse in Oregon

The live-in treehouse is built by Oregon-based company Greenwood Engineering and designed by architect Charles Greenwood who spent 12 years building treehouses for others. In 2006 he took some engineering risks by creating his live-in treehouse supported by poles. The studio living space has everything for a comfortable Green living and modern lifestyle.

Modern treehouse designs bringing back romantic backyard ideas

Two-floor kids treehouse design, inspiring DIY backyard ideas

Charming treehouse designs, romantic homes grown on trees

The treehouse design features an east-facing tea deck and a west-facing drink deck that allows enjoying the gorgeous sunset and sunrise landscapes. The kitchen design by Charles Greenwood personalizes the treehouse, adding a sophisticated space with Corian counters, mahogany wood drawers, custom hardware, and a steel kitchen hood. Simple and functional home furnishings, a quaint coffee bar, and various finishes bring color and spruce up treehouse design created with wood.

Suspended treehouse design

Round House design

North London-based treehouse design is envisioned by Henry Durham and built by High Life Treehouses Ltd, www.highlifetreehouses.co.uk. The treehouse is known for classical architectural hallmarks, enhanced by various wood tones and exquisite architectural details. Found throughout Europe, octagonal or round treehouses look beautiful and unique.

Large treehouse design

Shanty Treehouse

Created by Henry Durham of High Life Treehouses Ltd., the Shanty Treehouse shows off n unique vibe, stunning two-level design, and fabulous decor. Tartan-covered cube ottomans, an antler sconce, and a makeshift fireplace create a cozy and unique living space. The wooden walls show a beautiful natural texture connecting the living spaces to nature. The second-level loft adds a playful place to original and creative treehouse design.

Unique treehouse design

Reclaimed Wood Treehouse

Susan Fairbanks LeCraw completed her excellent treehouse design a decade ago when she lived in the Southern city. Located close by the governor’s mansion, it perches over a lush fern garden and looks fabulous in all seasons. It is constructed entirely of salvaged wood and reclaimed materials, the treehouse feature 25 windows that brighten up home interiors and beautify wooden walls. A bridge from the main house extends to space, where an upstairs loft has a king-size bed that extends, offering a comfortable place to sleep.

Treehouse exterior design with decks and sturdy ladders

The treehouse decorating ideas are romantic and feminine. With handmade pillows and curtains created by LeCraw from collected home fabrics, the living space feels like home. Sunlight streams through its numerous windows, creating intricate shining patterns on tattered rugs, antique quilts, wicker chairs, stained glass. Shabby chic decorating with a sofa bed, mosaic tables, and Moroccan lanterns add an eclectic vibe to treehouse decorating. Enjoyed by children as much as the adults, the fanciful treehouse design invites gatherings morning till night, season by season, providing beautiful and intimate living space.

Salvaged wood tree house design with blooming garden plants

Cedar Shake Treehouse

Photographer, designer, artist, industrial designer, and handyman Nelson Chan of 2Chan Design designed this stunning treehouse in Oakland, California. He got the job on referral from fellow builder John Lionheart and designed it with cedar siding and a wraparound deck.

Two-level treehouse with decks

Treehouse for All-Ages

Constructed in Oakland, California, this treehouse offers an excellent opportunity for all ages to connect with nature and have fun. Built by treehouse newbie Nelson Chan, the treehouse features a built-in bench, a skylight, and deep window sills that make the 6 x 7-foot living space appear more spacious and bright. Simple home furnishings, a table, and chairs for coloring, a camping lantern make it feel like home. Painting clouds onto the ceiling and built-in storage shelves that the owner plans to add will improve the treehouse design and make the living space charming and functional.

Winter treehouse in the forest

Brooklyn treehouse

Artist Alexandra Meyn built this treehouse behind her Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn home on a small budget. $400, which encouraged her to be creative and resourceful. The Green building and decorating used salvaged wood and recycled materials. The porch of the treehouse provides a fabulous hangout spot, decorated with used rocking chairs, dangling window frames, radial floorboards, an elegant second-hand table, and a lighting fixture designed from antique ice block tongs. A sturdy ladder leads to the upstairs lounge.

A spacious treehouse built on few trees

Colorful aesthetics take center stage, creating a beautiful room for sleeping, working, reading, or relaxation. Attractive prints, pink floral fabric walls, a vintage coffee table, lace draperies, string lights, crafts, and candles create a charming, spectacular, and cozy living space.

Unique treehouse design

Jungle treehouse design

Located in Costa Rica, this fabulous residence is called El Castillo Mastate. The rounded structure features tiger strands. Its bamboo floors, a platform bed, tiki-style woodwork, a vessel-sink vanity with a seashell faucet, and tropical shades in red and green colors create exotic and romantic living spaces available for rent.

Traditional treehouse design

Tropical treehouse

This treehouse is in Finca Bellavista, a sustainable treehouse community in Costa Rica. The 600-acre property with lush vegetation features private treehouses connected by bridges and zip-lines. Its owners rent out their unique and romantic living spaces of the exquisite Shangri-La Resort nightly or weekly.

Treehouse interior design ideas

Two-level contemporary treehouse design with glass walls and ground-level patios
Contemporary treehouse interior design

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