Spectacular Glass Wall Design and Wood, House Taupe in Chile

modern house in chile

Glass wall design, beautiful views


This beautiful house design with substantial glass elements by Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos features breathtaking walls and panoramic views of the natural surroundings. Harmoniously merging with the local terrain the house provides bright and comfortable wooden interiors and extensive decks surrounded by the forest. The attractive, warm, and inviting home interiors and outdoor living spaces make an ideal retreat for nature lovers.

The house is a fantastic home built for short getaways and family holidays. The modern interior design, natural materials, and bold glass walls open up and harmonize the spaces connecting people with nature. The lightness of the home interiors and warmth of natural wood come together creating this modern place enhanced by the splendid beauty of the surroundings.

Glass wall design, beautiful views

Glass wall panels and roof windows look dramatic inviting plenty of light inside and giving a vibrant, contemporary look to the house design. Its simplistic and elegant nature blends comfort with functionality providing a unique character for the house exterior and interiors.

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