Space Saving Ideas for Storage and Organization, 50 Creative and Modern Storage Solutions

modern baskets shelving units
Modern shelving units with baskets



Creative storage ideas and open storage without bulky cabinets or wardrobes are space-saving and modern solutions for small rooms. Compact and convenient storage ideas add lightness to interior design and bring an informal vibe into a home organization. Here is the Lushome collection of modern ideas for storage and organization that can inspire you to look for stylish and practical space-saving solutions in your homes.

Open shelves, under-bed boxes, baskets, freestanding shelving units, under-stair storage spaces, and closets behind curtains are great space-saving ideas for storage that improves home organization without cluttering up living areas. Under-ceiling shelves and simplified rods made with a twig are perfect for storage and closet organization. Creative storage solutions give a nice touch to room decorating and personalize the interior design.

Modern closet storage and organization, home staging tips, storage ideas

Brilliant storage ideas for contemporary nomads

Elegant storage solutions to improve home organization, storage ideas for small spaces

Space-saving ideas and storage solutions

Elegant contemporary storage ideas

Compact storage solutions are ideal for decorating small apartments and homes. Wall shelves are versatile, stylish, and practical, suitable for footwear and clothes storage, and great for improving home organization in no time. Also, collections of bags, hats, jeans, or sweaters can find beautiful homes on wall niche shelves.

Closet organizing tips, small bedroom storage ideas

Creative storage ideas, DIY organizers

Beautiful storage solutions and home organization

Contemporary shelving units are modern interior decorating and storage solutions that offer fabulous alternatives to cabinets and wardrobes. This modern furniture is convenient and informal. Racks come in many contemporary and retro-modern designs that stretch storage spaces. Especially multifunctional frames and shelving units that serve as room dividers are popular room decorating ideas. Great for home decorations, shoes, dress accessories, these furniture pieces are space-saving, practical, and stylish.

Open storage solutions, under-ceiling shelves

Large boxes, baskets, and fabric bins are perfect additions to storage spaces. Built-in boxes and under-bed compartments also help declutter rooms and beautifully organize closet items. Lightweight rods hanging from a ceiling or attached to a wall are convenient storage solutions, perfect for contemporary nomads who appreciate temporary storage solutions and creative design ideas.

Under-stair storage spaces
Light storage solutions, metal racks
Easy storage, rods, hooks
Brilliant hat storage idea
Contemporary shelving units, racks
Storage organizing tips, wall niche shelves, space-saving ideas
Open storage, space-saving ideas
Closet organization, space-saving curtains
Bedroom storage and organization, under-bed wooden boxes
Recycling wooden boxes for DIY wall shelves, original storage solutions
Modern shelving units with baskets

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